Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship 2016 Youth Israel Tour

Tour Hosts: Pastor Dave & Heather Cope

JULY 7 – 18, 2016

This high school youth tour of Israel will take you to the most significant biblical and archaeological sites in the Holy Land. Packed with lots of amazing historical and biblical sites and features, you’ll visit such places as: Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, Western Wall, Garden Tomb, Yad Vashem,��Israel Museum and much more.


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Day 1 – THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2016


Flight from USA to Tel-Aviv

DAY 2 – FRIDAY, JULY 8, 2016


Upon arrival at Ben Gurion airport you will be met and assisted by a Coral Travel & Tours representative at the airport. Meet your guide and drive to Jaffa for a walking tour of the old city. Jaffa has been known in the bible as Joppa and is considered the world’s oldest port and the place where the prophet Jonah set sail for Tarshish. Jaffa is associated with the deeds of the Apostle Peter. Dinner and overnight: Hotel in Netanya.

DAY 3 – SATURDAY, JULY 9, 2016


After breakfast, drive to Caesarea, the seat of the Roman Procurator of Judea at the time of the Christ ago by King Herod the Great. View the ruins of Roman, Byzantine and Crusader times. Explore the Roman Theater and the Aqueducts. A drive up to Mt. Carmel will bring us to the site where Elijah challenged and defeated the 450 prophets of Baal. Continue to Megiddo, the Fortress City of King Solomon, later built again by King Ahab. The books of Daniel and Revelation will come alive as we study about the final Battle of Armageddon. Drive through Nazareth and Cana to the Sea of Galilee. Ascend Mt. Arbel for a panoramic view of the Sea of Galilee. Dinner and overnight: Hotel/Kibbutz near the Sea of Galilee.

DAY 4 – SUNDAY, JULY 10, 2016


The day starts with a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. Visit Capernaum, the town Jesus made his home after leaving Nazareth. Capernaum is the place where Jesus recruited the first of His disciples (Matthew 4:13, Luke 4:31-37, Matthew 8:14-17, Mark 2:1-12, Matthew 8:5-13, Mark 5:21-43, Matthew 11:23-24). Visit the excavation of the ancient synagogue and the house of St. Peter. Continue to the “ancient boat” believed to be from Jesus’ time at Kibbutz Ginossar. Visit the Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-12). For lunch we’ll have an opportunity to sample the St. Peter Fish (optional). Visit the newly dug site of Bethsaida, which, according to some scripture, is the site of the feeding of the 5000. Continue on to Kursi, the site of the miracle with the swine. Dinner and overnight: Hotel/Kibbutz near the Sea of Galilee.

DAY 5 – MONDAY, JULY 11, 2016


After breakfast drive to Tel Dan an important biblical city and a breathtaking nature reserve. The bible mentions the city few times:” From Dan to Beer Sheba”. Continue to the Banias, site of the ancient Caesarea Philippi. It is here that Peter made his confession of faith in Jesus (Matthew 16:13). Enjoy a panoramic view of the Golan Heights from Mt. Bental. Continue on to Nimrod’s Castle, a medieval fortress perched high on the mountain overlooking the city of Caesarea Philippi. Drive around the city of Qatzrin. Return to Tiberias. Dinner and overnight: Hotel/Kibbutz near the Sea of Galilee.

DAY 6 – TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2016


After breakfast leave the Sea of Galilee and drive to visit Bet She’an where recent excavations have disclosed the impressive ruins of the country’s largest city in the Roman and Byzantine periods which was destroyed by an earthquake in 749 CE. Continue on to Ein Harod – Gideon’s Spring. Drive to Bet Alfa and see the ancient synagogue (optional). The tour continues south and your day will end at Kfar Hanokdim. Before dinner you will have the opportunity to ride a camel. Dinner and overnight: Kfar Hanokdim (Bedouin tent).

DAY 7 – WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2016


After breakfast drive to Masada. If weather permits, hike the Roman siege ramp. Masada is the site of the most dramatic act in Jewish history. Explore the ancient excavation of Herod’s Palaces, the bathhouse, the storerooms, the ramp, and the oldest synagogue in the world. Travel along the shores of the Dead Sea to Ein Gedi, an oasis on the Dead Sea shore. Near the 200-meter-high waterfall is a cave where David had his famous meeting with King Saul