New Papyri Fragments Discovered in Dead Sea Cave

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Haaretz reports on the discovery of new papyri fragments in Judean Desert.

Archaeologists excavating in the Judean desert have recently found new papyri fragments in the Cave of the Skulls near the Dead Sea. Like the Dead Sea Scrolls found before them, they have survived mainly due to the region’s arid climate. The fragments are tiny and the writing so faded that they will require advanced technological analysis to determine much about their content. The fragments do give scholars hope that they will be able to match these pieces to documents which have turned up in the black market in recent years and have no known provenance.

Besides the papyri, archaeologists also found hundreds of fragments of leather, ropes, textiles, wooden objects and bone tools used inside the cave.

The Israel Antiquities Authority and Hebrew University are partnering to further explore the Judean Desert caves in order to salvage any hidden antiquities that remain before robbers get there first. The Place of the Skulls excavation is the initial effort in this ongoing project.

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You are clearly more than a tour company. This is indeed a ministry and the hand of God is clearly seen in all that you do.

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This tour was amazing. I really appreciated the professionalism and the way everything worked, but also the fun and friendliness.

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Coral Tours did an outstanding job…Shalom Almog, the founder of Coral, was a top IDF logistics officer and it showed.

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We had a wonderful trip and obviously selected the best tour company to make the arrangements.

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Thank you for being an important part in my walk back into His purpose and plan for my life, as I rededicated, rebaptized, and reaffirmed my Life for HIM!

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You all were phenomenal…It was an absolute pleasure working with you and your wonderful family.

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Of all my twenty some odd trips to the Holy Land, my trips with Coral Travel & Tours have been the best by far!

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We loved it so much. We feel much closer to the Jewish people because of it and to the land. Not to mention our faith.

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