Petra, Jordan Tours

Israel & Petra, Jordan Tour

Enjoy exploring two amazing destinations in this Israel and Petra, Jordan tour. Visit the Holy Land and see the sights you’ve always longed to see – the Old City of Jerusalem, biblical Joppa, Mt. Carmel, Capernaum, Caesarea, Sea of Galilee, the Temple Mount as well as the “Rose City” of Petra and its Treasury, Royal Tomb, and 1st century Deir.

2022 Holy Land Tour – Israel, Egypt & Jordan 

Experience the best of Israel, Egypt & Jordan on this 15-day Holy Land Tour with hosts Dr. Clark & Laurel Christian, May 31 – June 14, 2022. Visit some of the most impressive ancient sites in the world during this tour, including: Cairo, Giza, Memphis, Luxor, Amman, Petra, Jaffa, Caesarea, Haifa, Jerusalem, Tiberias, Nazareth, Bethlehem and more… Register today to save your spot on this incredible journey. Click the link above for more details.