Virtual Tour of Israel with Tour Guide Roni Winter

Virtual Tour of Israel with Tour Guide Roni Winter

During these unprecedented times, we thought we’d turn to digital technology to bring you this informative Zoom presentation by one of Coral Tour’s top Israeli guides, Roni Winter. For those of you who know Roni, you know of his expert knowledge on all things Israel, his apt story-telling skills and great sense of humor. But for those who haven’t met Roni, here’s a brief introduction:

Roni was born in Tel Aviv, speaks fluent English, German and Hebrew. He holds a degree from Tel Aviv University in Israel History. He completed religious studies in Christianity, Judaism and Islam at Montclair State University in New Jersey. Roni received his tour guide license  from the Israel Ministry of Tourism in 1982 and has traveled the U.S. speaking as a lecturer and tour orientation facilitator on their behalf. Roni Winter is a dear friend of Coral Tour’s owner, Shalom Almog, and graciously accepted our invitation to present a Virtual Tour of Israel to our client pastors and friends.

I am sharing the recording of that Zoom presentation which  takes you through a 10-Day tour of Israel exploring the most important biblical and archaeological sites in the country in roughly an hour. Roni’s presentation begins along the Coastal Plain with several sites including Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Caesarea, and moving up the coast to Mt.Carmel overlooking the Jezreel Valley. To the north he looks at sites in the Upper Galilee, Golan Heights, Tel Dan, Caesarea Philippi (Banias)… And then towards the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Magdala, Chorazim, Nazareth, Jerusalem, etc… And last but not least Roni talks about sites in the southern Negev region – Ein Gedi, Qumran, Masada and the lowest point on earth – the Dead Sea.  While it is obviously an abridged version this virtual tour is a great introduction to those who haven’t seen the many fascinating biblical sites in Israel. And if you have been to Israel, this virtual tour of Israel presentation is sure to bring back special memories and ignite a desire to return to the Land. I hope you enjoy the video!

For more information about esteemed archaeologist and Israeli tour guide Roni Winter click here.

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