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  1. Ferel Little 5 years ago

    The November Israel Tour was my first trip to the Holy Land and I wasn’t disappointed! Jonathan Cahn makes his tour special through his worship and communion services. His playing the guitar and leading the singing added a “human” touch and caused the choir to chime in with 450+ voices. This was simply wonderful music!! This tour, I believe, became personal to each of us with everyone having the secret desires of their heart satisfied by our Lord. It was more than a sight-seeing excursion.
    The accommodations, food, transportation, guides, closing banquet, traveling companions, and attention to every detail made this a memorable trip and experience that I will never forget.

  2. Leora Faith Cortright 5 years ago

    Dealing with Coral tours was easy. The staff were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. When normal travel hiccups arose, they were easily overcome with a good attitude. Our trip was well-planned and thoroughly amazing! Accommodations and food were excellent. Our tour group was super fun and making long-lasting friendships seemed easy. Our tour guide, Amos, bus driver, Yosef, and speaker, Jonathan Cahn, were all incredible. Security and safety were never questioned, and comfort was second to none. The packed itinerary was full of must-see sights and memorable experiences.
    The route up the Golan Heights was particularly impressionable. The night out on the Sea of Galilee on the fishing vessel was amazing! The actual concept of the Temple Mount and the panoramic view from across the valleys at the incredible development of the land. I was greatly impressed with the way crops are planted under canopies. It was also a privilege to be able to plant trees and trusting them to grow in honor of our beloved ones, esp. my recently-departed and much missed husband of forty years! He had always dreamed of going to Israel; and our visit was partly in his memory. The whole Jerusalem experience was too quick to fully absorb. I long to go back to spend more time observing and exploring to learn what living there truly is like. It’s a joining of so many things, like cultures and modern/historical aspects in such an impactful site. The hotel accommodations were incredible, and the food – amazing. Even the flights to and from were exceptional! Aaron and I are very privileged to have all we experienced as wonderful memories that we share with anyone who will listen. We have recommended to many that they need to make the same opportunity happen. There’s no other place on earth to compare; and the Coral Tours outfit made it spectacular! The worst part of our experience was leaving to come home. We can’t wait for the opportunity to come back.
    Thank you!

  3. Cynthia Gamez 5 years ago

    I am delighted to say that Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s pilgrimage to the Holy Land super-exceeded my expectations! This was my third trip to Israel but my first with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Coral Travel. The organization of the logistics of travel, housing, meals, the historical sites visited with information was all conducted very professionally. The ‘anointed’ revelations of the mysteries of scripture as explained by Rabbi Jonathan were spiritually insightful and extraordinary! This trip to Israel felt different than my previous two trips. Rabbi Jonathan let us ‘experience’ several places we visited not just outwardly but also inwardly with many “aha” moments! Listening to Rabbi Jonathan was like turning on a light switch! He made scripture more clear with better understanding! There was much to see, places to go and things to do with his group. I’m 63 and I’m glad to say that I survived Jonathan Cahn’s Super Tour to Israel – Land of the Bible! Even our Tour Guide who has been a guide for 10 years said that he’s never seen anything like our Autumn Super Tour with Jonathan Cahn! This trip to Israel was worth every cent!!! In my previous trips to Israel, I had been baptized in the Jordan River and as an ordained minister, I’m grateful to Rabbi Jonathan for giving me the opportunity to baptize others in the Jordan River as he oversaw and prayed for us wearing his Tallit. What an awesome experience for everyone! There were new experiences on this trip not experienced in my previous trips such as the wedding vows in Cana, the worship gathering in the wilderness under the stars, praying over Jerusalem, time for Q & As with Rabbi Jonathan, I planted 10 trees, the anointing service toward the end of our trip was extra special, and so many more unforgettable memories! I would love to return to Israel with one of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s Tours and I encourage you as well. I have read Rabbi Jonathan’s books, watched his DVDs, ordered his messages and given his products as gifts to family and friends throughout the years but going on a pilgrimage with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is a life changing experience! You will not return from Israel the same as when you arrived in Israel! Thank you Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and may God grant you more Super Tours with His special anointing over you and your family! Shalom!

  4. Benny Blackwell 5 years ago

    Just returned from an amazing and wonderful tour of Israel with Coral Tours and Rabbi Johnathan Cahn. We had knowledgeable guides with a keen knowledge of the Bible and the history of the great country of Israel. We stayed in first class accommodations, were surrounded by wonderful Spiritual and caring people, and saw amazing sites throughout Israel as we witnessed Biblical history come to life right before our eyes.

  5. Jean Blackwell 5 years ago

    Our Israel adventure is precious to me…Spirit filled experience of a lifetime…5+stars We were blown away by the adventure in the Holy Land…thank you for your gentle care on our tour of Israel…the hotels were great and the food was really good…thank you Shalom, Jonathan Cahn, and Maya for the trip of a lifetime at a very reasonable price…Jean

  6. Marie N Bury 5 years ago

    My name is Marie Bury. Recently I took a tour to the Holy Land on October 29, 2018 and my life was totally changed. I have been to Israel twice before and there is no comparison to this trip. The knowledge of the tour guide, the driver’s skills, the teachings and revelation that Rabbi shared with us, especially the sites that I visited for the first time. I am still overwhelmed and will never forget that trip. Right now I have five couples who are interested to go to the mystery tour next fall. I am forever grateful for Rabbi and Coral Tours for their excellence. See you next year.

  7. Gina Rosado 5 years ago

    Hello Coral Tours & Guide,

    Touring The Holy Land with Coral Travel & Tours has been an amazing experience. I’ve always dreamed of going to where our Lord Jesus ministered. Coral Tours has made this trip a dream come true. I enjoyed our tour guide, all the sites we’ve visited. It really made the bible come alive in sooooo many ways.Jonathan Cahn is an awesome teacher, very personable and funny. Thank you for making one of my dreams come true.

    Shalom….Our prayer is that my husband and I can share this amazing adventure with my family.

  8. Andrew Gonzales 5 years ago

    Professional and excellent service!
    I enjoyed an amazing SuperTour in Israel with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. The tour was well organized, the drivers, tour guides, and accommodations were wonderful. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is friendly and totally down to earth. His teachings were powerful and the daily itinerary was packed with incredible visits to the most amazing spots in the Holy Land. I would most definitely recommend this tour to all my family and friends.

  9. William Kendall 5 years ago

    This trip to Israel had to be a “God thing” for my husband and me. We had never talked about going and to be honest I was always a little afraid. That is until I heard Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn was taking a group on a “Super Pilgrimage.” I learned it was safer than I thought but even then… it sounded like something other people do…certainly not US! But we were also intrigued because it was Israel’s 70th Anniversary and my 70th Birthday. After talking and praying about it and even comparing the trip to other group organizers we were sure we wanted to go and knew we had to go with Christian Jewish Rabbi Jonathan! At the end, we both agreed that was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.
    The trip was everything we imagined it could be and more. Coral Tours at Jonathan’s direction went above and beyond all that seemed possible to do in 10 days. (Jonathan is so personable he makes you feel like you can call him by his first name.) We were very pleased with the professional organizing that somehow seemed to make every day run smoothly and better than the last. From Jonathan to Coral’s group leaders, and everyone including the bus drivers, they were not only knowledgeable experts but FRIENDLY, FUN people!
    It was truly inspiring to be there in the Holy Land, but to hear Rabbi Jonathan’s teaching at each location and leading worship morning and night with his guitar made the Bible and ancient times come alive to us like never before. The Rabbi’s anointing from God, his passion for the bible and phenomenal ability to teach the saints are amazing. He has many gifts and in particular his gift for interpreting the deep things of God will bless your sox off! His uncanny discernment for prophecy, and apocalyptic end times will reveal God’s mysteries to everyone hungry for truth. It was obvious he gave his all every day and that his desire was to give each one of us the experience of a life time. Because of that, we could see and feel the Holy Spirit at work in us and all those sweet, great people with us. We felt very blessed and honored to be part of this group and receive Jonathan’s insightful teaching where God and Jesus walked thousands of years before.
    This was so much more than simply a tour to Israel. It truly was a “Super Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.” It actually felt like “going home” and we honestly didn’t want to leave! Without a doubt we now know that we are “grafted in” to God’s family and are part of His plan for eternity. We came back to the states loving and appreciating God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and with an insatiable thirst for God’s word more than ever before.
    Many thanks to Jonathan and Coral Tours for this year’s exciting Pilgrimage to the Holy land. If you have it on your heart to walk closer to God and be part of something unforgettable, look into the Super Tour and Pilgrimage they’re planning in the spring of 2019!
    Lynda and Bill
    Rabbi Cahn Israel Pilgrimage

  10. Priscila Van Den Bemt 5 years ago

    (Typo error correction! YHWH)

    Fall 2018 Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Israel Super Tour & Pilgrimage

    Highest praise & exaltation to YHWH, the one and only true God of Israel!

    On behalf of my pilgrimage companions from the Philippines, my beautiful sister Miriam and dearest cousin Ps Amir, we just want to add our simple but deep & sincere appreciation to already numerous praises you receive, for the outstanding hard work your US & Israel team have put together.

    Thank you Coral Tours for making our once-in-a-lifetime Israel experience a truly momentous, informative and meaningful one!

    For the tireless sharing of the knowledge of the Word by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, notwithstanding the discomfort of the heavy brace embracing his injured leg, we are greatly blessed to have been guided not only physically, yet more so spiritually throughout day and night. Indeed, there’s no God like Jehovah!

    May God’s sufficient grace be with you always as you continue to lead many more pilgrims into the Holy Land. Thank you Rabbi for your assurance that we are “grafted to Israel” spiritually, and your warm “welcome home.”

    From our humble perspective as students of the Word, the whole experience was a spiritual boot camp! Seeing the landscape of Promised Land provided new and profound understanding of the scriptures as they were written. The mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, springs, rocks and fortified fortresses, no longer poetic articulation but vivid expressions of the very heart of God.

    All around, the seemingly gigantic tasks of archeological diggings and restorations remind us of the sad and painful desolation when the people of Israel separated from God. Truly, everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught and the encouragement they provide we might have HOPE (Romans 15:4).

    Finally, God’s promise of redemption! It was incredible to see Jerusalem & the City of David. Israel is shaking off the dust and rising from the ashes with great economic success through extraordinary advancement in desert agriculture, desalination plants, military expertise, and cyber intelligence. God will surely accomplish what He had set to do, for His Name’s sake!

    Doubtless, our road to Damascus have come by surprise and we now feel wise and greatly enlightened!

    Priscila Camerino-van den Bemt Miriam Camerino-Saflor Pastor Amir Camerino
    Melbourne, Australia Cavite, Philippines Cavite, Philippines

    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

  11. Mr. Kim L. Graham 5 years ago

    My wife, Cindy, and I, recently returned from the 2018 Fall Tour to Israel with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and the good folks at Coral Tours. It was an incredible journey that far exceeded our hopes and expectations. What a blessing! If you have never been to the Holy Land, as was the case with us, but are considering it… all means go! And our recommendation would be to go with Rabbi Cahn and Coral Tours. It was such an amazing 8+ days in country. The days could be long, but that way we got to see soooo much. Our bus guide, Liat, was awesome! She has a wealth of knowledge about Israel and the sites that we visited. Scripture readings at most if not all the sites was enriching. Rabbi Cahn would teach in person, morning and evening in amazing locations. Kudos to our driver, Jimmy, as well. He took good care of us as well shepherding us safely, each and every day, all day, to our varied destinations. We felt safe and secure the whole time there,…but then our Lord is in control. If you are one of God’s, your spirit will resonate with His as you sojourn through His Holy land. Odds are you may well feel “at home” while on your pilgrimage there. And this pilgrimage will continue to resonate within your thoughts and within your spirit, long after you return home. Cindy and I would very much like to return again to Israel, and see and experience more with Rabbi Cahn and Coral Tours. God bless them and everyone we toured with.

  12. Lisa Swauger 5 years ago

    I was greeted with warmth by Coral Travel Tours. The tour was well organized by Rabbi Jonathan Cann, and I loved his anointed interpretation of biblical times. Amos, our professional tour guide, did an excellent job with ancient antiquities. Yonci, our bus driver, was a superb driver and kept us all safe. This was a trip of a lifetime!

  13. Daisy Chung 5 years ago

    I travel quite often to many different places, but this Israel trip organized by Coral Tour was one of the phenomenal trips I have ever experienced; more likely the most unforgettable trip in my life. From day one to the last day, the trip was thoroughly planned and organized by amazing professionals and staff. All staff was accommodating, understanding, and welcoming, and they went above beyond to ensure that people met their expectations. All the different hotels we stayed in were one of the tops in Israel, therefore, the food and the service was excellent. We visited many significant historical, biblical and archaeological places to learn in depth, and it furthered my biblical knowledge. Above all, I am thankful to be a part of this tour as I have been moved and touched by Holy Spirit in many occasions, and I felt ever so close to the Lord as I spent my 10 days in Israel. It was a life-changing experience truthfully, and I am grateful that God showed me the place He loves through Coral Tours. I definitely recommend Coral Tour to anyone who is interested in visiting Israel.

  14. Treeza Menezes 5 years ago

    Israel Tour with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Fall 2018

    I have always wanted to go to Israel for many years; however, every time I had to drop the plan and lost the opportunity to go. I do believe this trip led by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn was God ordained for me. This trip was so perfectly planned, not only the physical arrangements but also the spiritual encounters, which were so amazing. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s teaching, along with our bus guide named Guy, really made it a great success.
    Since this was my first visit I had no idea what to expect but surely it was a great experience. It’s not only walking in the places that the Lord walked but getting an amazing revelation about the history of the locations that made this trip so amazing. Above anything, the Presence of God made it all the more powerful and I have been forever changed and empowered by my time in the Holy Land.
    Our Tour Guides, Bus Drivers and the Tour team in Israel: Right from the office team in the US, assistance at the Airport and till the return back to home, they were absolutely amazing. Each of them was very patient, kind and thoughtful. They were not only knowledgeable, but they were also spiritual and we could see the passion and love for God through their approach with us. Our bus Driver Eli was fantastic in his skill and our guide Guy was really a great guy! His knowledge of the land and architectural understanding kept us very curious throughout the journey. His testimony was really amazing and all glory to God. We also had the opportunity to learn a few Hebrew words. They were intentional with us and built relationships with those of us on tour. All the days’ arrangements were so well organized to the best of their abilities. When there was a change of plan due to unavoidable circumstances they were so transparent and always communicated in advance.
    There was a real warmth of the spirit on this Tour, we could feel the Presence of God for the entirety of the time. We knew the LORD was among us, providing the need, touching lives in different ways. Every bus was peculiar in its own way but we were blessed to be in Blue bus. There was a great sense of family in the people we met. There was praise, prayer, thanksgiving, and tears of Joy all around. His presence was surely felt in every conversation.
    As per the given tour agenda, we visited so many wonderful places. Though we were a group of 400 people we never felt that way. All the ten buses and each member were always paid attention to. It was a real joy meeting all 400 at the end of the day and worshipping the Lord and listening to the teachings. Each of the guides was amazing and made sure that we got the best experience throughout. Rabbi Jonathan’s anointed teaching throughout the day specific to the places filled our hearts and opened the mysteries.
    For me, specifically, the spiritual experience was overwhelming throughout the tour. View of the Holy city to the Temple Mount, Temple Steps, Eastern Gate, the Western Wall, Pool of Bethesda, Garden of Gethsemane….it goes on and on. HE has given an assurance to let go everything that is holding me back and follow HIM and I have really felt that freedom once again since the day HE again spoke to me.
    I would encourage every single one who reads this and your families to make your trip with Coral Tour under Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s teaching and you will be richly blessed. It was an honor and a blessing and I cannot wait for when I have the opportunity to return again with my family. Until then, I shall continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. May the LORD bless you all and the team!


  15. My name is Ashley Harris Gronholm. I recently returned from a life changing pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn through Coral Tours. This trip exceeded all expectations! The travel was well planned and organized. The hotels and buses were excellent and the food was amazing! The teaching from Rabbi Cahn was superb! Our tour guide, Ayel from the Purple Bus was helpful, patient, informative and kind! I highly recommend touring the Holy Land with Coral Tours!

  16. Gary Arkwood 5 years ago

    We recently did the Johnathan Cahn tour and would recommend Coral Tours to anyone. Not only was Johnathan Cahn an exceptional teacher and leader, it was the super job by Coral that made the experience even more memorable and enjoyable. It was amazing to me how you keep 10 buses on schedule. Also your coaches were first class, our guide Eyal, and driver Yair were so professional, courteous, patient. Eyal was so knowledgable and shared a lot with us between venues. I look forward to another opportunity to tour with Coral Tours again.

  17. Jane Ahl 5 years ago

    Coral Tours has the most amazing, planned out 10 day tour of Israel with Rabbi Johnathan Cahn. Your days are scheduled to give you the utmost experience of a life time. Everyday I walked with the Lord on this tour allowing Him to show me the things he wanted me to see and understand. The Bible totally comes alive. Johnathan’s teachings were filled with Wisdom, Simple Understanding, yet Powerful Messages to allow you to have a more intimate relationship with our living Savior, Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Your heart, soul, and mind come alive as you walk the streets that Jesus walked and to see the places where Jesus ministered. It was an amazing trip. I already miss being “Home” in the land of Israel. I can’t wait to return once again. To go up to the mountain, to learn of His ways, to gain more insight, to be in the presence of the Lord that permeates the Land of Israel. I highly recommend this tour. Shalom.

  18. Philip Ross 5 years ago

    My wife and I have been involved in the work of the church all of our lives.
    She was an ordained minister in one denomination and then we moved to another state and she became a Deaconness in our new denomination.

    We are now a lot older and she is still involved working with children in a Christian school although she is actually “retired”. So, I decided the best thing I could ever do for her was to send her to Israel on a tour with Jonathan Can. She absolutely says her trip to Israel was one of the most fantastic experiences of her life.

    The tour was phenomenal. Everything was of the highest quality. The busses were outstanding and the tour guides knew the Bible and history of Israel intimately.

    The food and hotels were top quality and the rest of the tourists were steeped in Bible knowledge. Discussions with other tour members were highly educational with a strong foundation in the essence of Bible history involving Israel.

    Coral Travel and Tours was very professional and friendly from the first time we called them. They were completely helpful with every issue. We highly recommend them.

    Now I want to go. I can hardly wait until I have an opportunity to go on a tour of Israel.

  19. Pamela Beamon 5 years ago

    What an absolutely fabulous experience my husband and I had on Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s Fall Super Tour through Coral Tours!!! This was our 2nd trip to Israel (1st, 33 years ago!) and I can truly say it was the best. We saw so very much and did fun, unusual things. Our group was large but it was kept personal too. Our bus (purple:) driver (Yair) and guide Eyal were kind, knowledgeable and patient! (I was usually bringing up the rear:) The daily question competitions were a lot of fun. The group teachings and worship times with Rabbi Cahn were so very special and powerful. Sunday worship in the wilderness of Masada was a favorite. He is very friendly, fun, personable, patient and accessible to everyone. Even with all of the people approaching him, he is a most gracious and humble man. Coral Tours was most excellent, patient and professional. We had a lot of questions and some requests (as we were also traveling with family) which Yaniv, especially, patiently and respectfully handled for us. Jonathan Cahn’s Super Tour is definitely something we would consider doing again. Thank you and God Bless.

  20. Kelley Cote 5 years ago

    Most definitely would recommend this company for any pilgrimage trip to the Holy land. This was our first time to Israel and Jonathan Cahn has forever changed my life, how I read the Bible and my personal relationship with Yeshua. I found my way and who I am in Yeshua. Toda raba and Shalom Coral Travels for my time in the Holy Land.

  21. Tara Arno 5 years ago

    Jonathan Cahn Tour to Israel / Israel Tour / Super Tour

    Jonathan Cahn and Corals Tours did not disappoint.
    One of the biggest and best blessings of my life.

  22. Michael Neubeck 5 years ago

    I just went on the Fall 2018 Israel Super Tour and it was definitely the best trip I have ever been on. It was much better than a vacation because of the things you get to see and learn about and to see these things in person is amazing. Also if you want to go to Israel there probably isn’t a better tour to go on because you get to hear from Jonathan Cahn himself everyday and the guides they have are amazing.

  23. Teresa Westfall 5 years ago

    I had the opportunity to go on the fall Super Tour to Israel. This is the finest tour I have ever been on. From the time I landed I felt that I was truly home. The experiences, the places visited, the people I met, the the Spirit that led was overwhelming. I will never be the same. A blessing of my lifetime!

  24. Terri Singer 5 years ago

    I had the honor and privilege of participating in Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s Fall 2018 Super Tour of Israel. It was totally amazing! Each day was filled with excitement and awe as we toured site after site of lifelong yearnings coming to past. This truly was the tour of my life. It is still fresh in my mind standing there in the night sky in the wilderness near the Dead Sea, experiencing moments of silence before singing to our Wonderful God!!! Having the privilege of dining from His banquet table with our cups overflowing! Riding the cable car up the rugged mountain of Masada. Standing where the light of the Jewish people as a nation was extinguished with all hope gone until miraculously rising again on 14 of May 1948. Touring Jaffa where Jonah sailed for Tarshish before his miraculous event occurred! Seeing the ancient city of Caesarea along with standing in the Roman Theater that once entertained its audiences with the most gruesome of deaths. I stood in awe looking over the unspeakable vastness of Armageddon. Walking around the Ancient Synagogue of Capernaum also viewing the excavation of Apostle Peter’s house where people received their much needed healing and or deliverance. Walking around and sitting down in the same place where those had once sat listening to the Sermon on the Mount. I won’t forget walking behind my sister in the Jordan river waiting to be baptized and witnessing her beautiful blessing she received while coming up out of the water! The astonishing view from Mount Precipice once again taking in the glory and honor of the land of Israel I was so privileged to visit. Walking the streets of Jerusalem taking in all the ancient structures and coming across the reenactment of the golden menorah used during the time of the third Temple. Seeing the ancient Galilee Boat dating back to over two thousand years ago. I could keep going on and on telling of all the wonder and awe I felt time and again as we toured Israel. I will close with sharing with you that planting a tree in the Promised Land was such a fulfillment for me. One of my favorite scriptures is Isaiah 61:3 To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified. I saw where the ashes of the Jewish nation was left at Masada approximately 2000 years ago, but it didn’t end there as our guide Maya mentioned Independence Hall as we traveled in Tel Aviv. I witnessed the beauty that came from the ashes throughout my tour of a life time! God has given me beauty for ashes in my life! Has made me a tree of righteousness, the planting of the Lord!

  25. Darlette Stowers 5 years ago

    I can now officially say that I have recently fulfilled a long time heartfelt desire. I participated in an incredible pilgrimage to the Holy Land: Israel. I had planned on travelling to Israel in 2015 on a tour to be hosted by my mentor; the late Dr. Myles Munroe, but plans changed as a result of his passing away in November 2014. It took approximately three years before I would find a true and trusted Spiritual teacher hosting a tour to Israel. One who I believe possesses a deep level of knowledge about the history, culture, and people of Israel. The person of whom I speak is none other than Rabbi Jonathan Cahn; a man whose teachings I have been following for several years.
    Rather than elaborate upon the enormous impact of my first visit to Israel, I want to take this opportunity to shed light on that which is often overshadowed by the actual experience of such an event. I am referring to the planning, coordination, and effective execution of the overall tour; by the people behind the scenes who obviously worked diligently to ensure our pilgrimage would be memorable. The reason I want to discuss the behind the scene preparation is because of the aforementioned three years it took for me to find a tour guide host who met my criteria. You see I was seeking to take part in something much more than just a tour of Israel. I desired to be a part of a Spiritual journey…a pilgrimage; and now that I have found a tour that offers such a journey, I want to share the information with others who may have the same or similar desire.
    I will begin with the Host of the tour: Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. He taught us the Word of God daily; lead our candle light praise and worship vigils; communion services; baptism service; as well as, taught and participated in the numerous scheduled events. Rabbi Cahn refused to allow the knee high cast he wore throughout the entire tour as a result of a foot injury; prevent him from being fully engaged in our pilgrimage of the Holy Land. His resilience and tenacity throughout the tremendous amount of walking required of us each day, only served to re-enforce the Rabbi’s selfless commitment to ensuring that we would leave the Holy Land more enriched than whence we came, As we would say in the Army; he led from the front.
    Being aware of the importance and impact of a Tour Guide to such an event; Prior to the tour, I routinely prayed to be assigned to a Tour Guide who: possessed effective communication skills; had historical and cultural knowledgeable of Israel and her people; and who was both personable and organized. The Lord not only heard my prayers; He answered them. Of the ten 50 passenger buses that were a part of Rabbi Cahn’s tour; the (Red) bus in which I had been assigned, clearly had one of Coral Travel top notch Tour Guides. Her name: Maya Yehezkel. She served in the Israeli Army and was raised in an ultra orthodox Jewish home. The former enabled her to communicate the nations challenges to us from a strategic perspective; while the latter greatly impacted her knowledge of: the history of the land; the culture and challenges of the people; the beliefs and practices of the various religious denominations throughout the Jewish community; etc.
    Finally, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the organizers of my unforgettable journey to Israel: Coral Travel and Tours. As a result of my career in the United States Army, I am very much into “the details.” For excellence is achieved as a result of adequate attention being given to the minute details. Although I am not in the position to comment on the behind the scenes challenges; I can honestly say that from a participant’s perspective…which is what matters most; everything seemed to be extremely well organized. This included such things as: the three different hotel locations where we stayed; the meals served; the scheduling of the numerous sites we visited; the timeliness of the buses; the coordination of the daily collective group meetings and fellowships which consisted of all 10 buses of people…I could go on.
    There are numerous tours to Israel to choose from, and trying to figure out which would be the “best one” can be challenging. I hope that my taking the time to write this review will help narrow the choices for those seeking a Spiritual journey of the Holy Land. I absolutely recommend considering Jonathan Cahn and Coral Travel and Tours.

    • Teresa Westfall 5 years ago

      Well said 31!

    • Jennifer Cross 5 years ago

      Darlette that was beautiful! Go Red Bus!!!! ❤️

  26. William Schlumpf 5 years ago

    Johnathan Cahn Oct/Nov 2018 SuperTour

    This is an amazing tour! They’re not kidding when they call it a “Super Tour”.
    Prepare yourself to be wowed over and over again! Time is utilized to the fullest on this incredible life changing journey. In addition to the incisive teachings of the inimitable Jonathan Cahn, head guide Guy, has an encyclopedic knowledge and delivers information enthusiastically, rapid fire; garnished with levity, all the while coordinating the activities of all the other guides and their groups. Coral tours goes above and beyound, obliterating expectations. They soften the bittersweet sadness of leaving this beautiful country with a banquet fit for a king – actually king Herod never had such a feast. This tour WILL change your life! It is like no other! A sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of the staff of Coral Tours for your astounding effort and dedication. Wow!!!!

  27. Jennifer Cross 5 years ago

    December 4, 2018

    Jonathon Cahn SUPER Tour & Pilgrimage to Israel…….SUPER is the best way to describe this experience! I have been on many mission trips, but none of them were more organized, more meaningful, or more perfectly planned than this tour with Jonathon Cahn and Coral tours. As a Christ follower, I have dreamed my whole life of making this trip and I thank God for leading me to the dynamic duo of Rabbi Jonathon and Shalom of Coral Tours.

    As a believer in Jesus, this trip was a homecoming for me. Because of his Jewish and Hebrew background, Rabbi Jonathon was the perfect teacher. After being home for over a month, I am still feeling the positive impact on my daily life, and I still talk to member of my “Red bus family”.

    If going with such a big group is a deterrent for you, FEAR NOT! Coral Tours has done their homework! We had 10 buses on our tour, and it still felt very intimate. Coral Tours was so well organized that not one detail was missed – from airport pickup to airport drop off- every component of our trip was perfectly orchestrated. The company has done a superior job of hand picking the “best of the best” guides and bus drivers; therefore, I never felt unsafe or unattended. Maya, our tour guide, was incredibly well informed on all topics and showed no bias. She professionally informed us of the facts and was very careful to not share her opinion. This made for a very comfortable tour with such a diverse group. I LOVED that about her!

    My pilgrimage to Israel has completed me as a child of God. I will never be the same, nor do I want to be. I am a very visual person. After seeing with my eyes, smelling the earth, tasting the fruit produced from that holy dirt – my life is forever changed! When I read my Bible now, it’s like I’m there again, and it revives my senses all over again.

    Thank you, Rabbi Jonathon, Shalom of Coral Tours, Maya, tour-guide extraordinaire, my Red Bus family, and our wonderful and funny driver (whose-Hebrew-name-I-can’t-spell), for giving of your time and talents to enrich and impact my life so greatly.

    Blessings are instore!!
    Jennifer Cross

  28. Heinz Giesbrecht 5 years ago

    This trip was a highlight over all highlights… Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s gift and anointing to explain the common roots and divine connections between Judaism and Christianity was just amazing… and on the tour, when I opened my eyes: just everything of this history of thousands of years was right there… mixed up with the marvelous reality of modern Israel… oh my God… you have to get there… ☺

    • Linda Jones 5 years ago

      My journey with Coral Super Fall Israel Tour was life-changing. An unexpected back pain put me in a wheel will chair and the treatmentd did not bring any healing results.
      I was the recipient of many others countless grace, love, and acts of mercy in so many kind gestures. Fellow travelers took turns to push my wheel chair to give my husband, Dennis, who played the drum with Jonathan in worship, needed relief.
      Our guide, Mara, took extra measures to ensure the highest quality of experiences at each location and at each hotel. Our bus driver was always ready to lend his support with the wheelchair in and out of the bus.
      I received so many blessings from others who were helping and praying for me. Right there in Israel, I was experiencing experiencing the touch and the hand of Jesus though His people.
      Coral Tours isn’t just about taking pictures and seeing historical sights, it’s about experiencing love in the blessings of the Lord Jesus with the people in your group. This is a trip I would recommend for anyone.
      Linda Jones

  29. Kyle and Carrie Baker 5 years ago

    Our trip to Israel with Coral Tours was awesome! Jonathan Cahn’s teaching everyday was more than we expected and each day was so fully packed with adventures and learning. We were so blessed by this trip and just want to say thank you Coral Tours for making it an experience we will never forget.

  30. Jill LaBatte 5 years ago

    CAHN SUPER TOUR 2018 FALL TRIP REVIEW— By Jill Annette LaBatte
    Not knowing a single person on the tour and never having met the Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn—nor anyone else connected to his organization/sites—I simply followed my intuition!
    Go solo like I did! Don’t hesitate to take this tour—don’t wait until you find a travel companion.
    Having lived/taught in Japan/Kuwait, and traveled extensively— the Middle East/South East Asia—India, Nepal, Bhutan/North Africa/Europe + and visited Israel twice—this was my first “tour” trip—to Israel and I must admit that—the “super tour”—far exceeded my expectations.
    Like a teacher offering a strenuous/enriched/rigorous curriculum for “gifted kids,” this tour had it all—a balance of spiritual, social, mental and physical activities—delivered at a rigorous pace/ramped up to the max—in terms of its breadth, depth, scope. As they say in grad school: “Don’t be afraid to s-t-r-e-t-c-h yourself!”
    One of my favorite parts (and one of things I miss the most) about the tour was the “joie de vivre” of the daily morning bus routine, which began with a volunteer offering up of a simple, short, sincere impromptu prayer—thus savored word for word.
    This, followed by announcements/agenda relayed by our fabulous/talented Israeli crew: our guide Evia, and driver Rami!
    Daily they prepped/played with us—gave us opportunities to enhance our cultural/historical/political understanding of the Bible, Israel and Israelis!
    Endlessly entertaining, they kept us in good humor/with a balance of Hebrew lessons, mesmerizing songs/mixed with a little Elvis, and Bible trivia competitions.
    Going solo on a “Super” tour suited me exactly—I could share, share, share—or just sit/relax/take it all in/as I enjoyed awesome views—hogging a whole seat for myself/and my daypack!
    Ditto for nearly everybody—the diverse group of pilgrims/from 14 countries/various denominations also kept their “seats—whether to remain close to friends, recover from physical exhaustion—or navigate thru the endless processing/shifting of views/consciousness.
    The experience was enriching/immeasurable in the extreme!
    Last but not least—want to mention just a few of my new favorite places we toured:
    Ancient Temple Mt. Underground Tunnels to Ark location
    Clandestine-like drive thru ancient Jericho (on way to Jerusalem)
    Wedding at Cana re-enactment w canopy/vows/singing/dancing
    Masada/Herod’s Palace/Ein Gedi/Caves of Dead Sea Scrolls
    Tree planting experience near Jerusalem
    Baptism in Jordan/Pools of Bethesda/The Dead Sea swim
    Wilderness gatherings: sunset/sunrise in the Midbar
    Sailing and singing on the Sea of Galilee Jesus Boat replica at sunset, with Israeli flag flying
    Old Testament sites of Mt. Carmel, Gilboah, Plains of Sharon Naboth Vineyards
    King David’s Palace
    Lunch at Elvis Cafe

    I cannot thank Rabbi Cahn and Coral Tours enough for the trip of a lifetime!

  31. Lynne Gakavian 5 years ago

    This was my and my husband’s first trip to Israel…and I say FIRST trip because it was just that spectacular that we can’t wait to return! We were part of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s tour, and with his God-given Biblical insight and talent to teach and preach, it was incomparable to anything we’ve ever experienced. Add to that, our tour guide Maya with her cultural, geographic and Biblical knowledge, along with her gracious nature, and we truly know we were on the A-Team of tours. And the ‘make-it-happen’ organization behind the scenes, Coral Tours, was instrumental in making the trip to the Holy Land as seamless as possible. They were attentive to every detail, from providing pre-trip info and access to answer all my questions, meeting us at JFK in the U.S., to ensuring all our venues in Israel were scheduled to ensure the smoothest transitions from one place to the next. Coral Tours even went so far as to ensure everyone made it through customs on our departure back to the U.S. They truly went above and beyond the call of duty of what most other companies do.
    I cannot say enough how amazing each and every place we stepped foot was more incredible than the next. From Jaffa on the first day, walking the shores of the sea of Galilee, standing on the south steps of the temple where Christ entered, then gazing at the eastern gate knowing we were standing in the very path of His return was truly overwhelming and something we will forever cherish! This trip is a MUST DO for all, and I highly recommend joining the A-Team, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Coral Tours.

  32. Carleene Myer 5 years ago

    The tour with Rabbi Cahn was life changing because of the most wonderful places we visited that I’m sure is not on other tours: the wilderness, various historical places that were not the traditional places. The worship morning and evening was inspiring and spoke deeply and profoundly to all of us. Rabbi Cahn was so genuine and full of knowledge of the Word that came alive for us when he spoke. Thank you Coral Tour Team. I can’t wait to return to our home Israel!
    Steve and Carleene Myer

  33. Amanda Lee 5 years ago

    Going to Israel was already a dream come true. When we sat down as a family to figure out which tour we would take, we were intrigued by Jonathan Cahn’s “Super Tour,” and it really was out of the ordinary! We spent our days going from sight to sight, getting greater glimpses of what our Lord must have experienced in Galilee, and had the most meaningful and Spirit-filled worship services in the ancient synagogue in Chorazim, in the wilderness, in the garden of Gethsemane, near the Golden Gate, in many places! Our days were packed, but the gift truly was being guided through pointed and strategic sights, and being taught the deeper mysteries behind many of these places. You could tell that our tour guides carried a passion and a love for their country, and many profoundly communicated this love to all of us. I truly leave Israel as a citizen leaving for a short while; I look forward to returning! Thank you for the mysteries revealed and the love of Israel ignited! Glory to God!

  34. Susan Johnson 5 years ago

    Oh, my heart is full…I was so honored and blessed to be on the Israel Tour with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn this fall, one of the most special times in my life…to have the Scriptures opened in the very location, with deep Truth and wisdom and prophecy revealed…there are no words. Coral Tours did an outstanding job to make every aspect of our trip as meaningful and pleasant as possible. Our bus guide, Ron, was the epitome of “joie de vivre “ and helped to make the land come alive in our hearts. Thank you to all involved in bringing to pass this life-changing time. I miss Israel and our special people. Maranatha!

  35. Anita Bellflower 5 years ago

    The “Superpilgrimage” with Rabbi Cahn was a God-send for me! Pilgrims and tour guides of so many different religious denominations — Protestants, Catholics, Jews and Messianic Jews — truly lived as One Body during the tour. It was an amazing, informative and spiritually uplifting experience!

  36. Giji Dennard 5 years ago

    Especially as a believer traveling to Israel for the first-time, I am so grateful that the Lord sent me with a man of God after His own heart—Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. He has incredible passion for, as well as insight into, God’s plan for His land, His people (Jew and Gentile), and the embodiment of His Kingdom on the earth. Rabbi Cahn is one of the most authentic, approachable, confident but not arrogant, Spirit-led teachers I’ve ever met; and he’s got a really good sense of humor.
    The depth of knowledge about the amazing archaeological history of the holy land by the Coral Tours guides truly was phenomenal. The volume of information shared would make any history buff swoon in admiration.
    Many of the sites we visited were breathtaking and awe inspiring. My favorites were the Dead Sea, the Garden Tomb, the Beatitude Monastery, Yad Vashem, the wood carvings at the Yigal Allon Centre, the Springs of Gideon, overlooking Jerusalem at night, Beit She’an, and Qumran. And for cat lovers, Israel is the place for you—daily sightings were plentiful!
    As a very relationship-oriented person, my most cherished moments on the tour were the intimate encounters I and others had with the Lord and each other during our pilgrimage:
    • corporate worship out on the Sea of Galilee as we were all tethered together on three boats;
    • the renewal of marriage vows between couples and all of us in our covenant with the Lord just outside a chuppah erected in Zipoori National Park;
    • the elation of hundreds as they were baptized in the Jordan—some for the very first time;
    • worship in Caesarea along the Mediterranean Sea;
    • the anointing service for victory, breakthrough, and blessing while overlooking the City of Jerusalem;
    • divine encounters with fellow travelers which blossomed into life-long friendships and spiritual kinship;
    • an unexpected opportunity to help lead worship in the wilderness; and
    • a very special personal encounter with the Lord while inside the plaza praying at the Western Wall.
    Although I had to return to the U.S., I feel that I very definitely made a spiritual aliyah—an irrevocable joining together with the destiny of Israel as a spiritual Jew, which has forever changed my own course on the earth until Messiah returns to the Mount of Olives…where I, too, have now stood.

  37. Scott Winn 5 years ago

    Tour with Rabbi Cahn was amazing! Tour Guide Liat was the best! I don’t know how Coral Tours was able to organize over 400 people so effectively. Very professional and well oganized

  38. Brad Kauffman 5 years ago

    My wife and I were part of the Jonathan Cahn “Super Tour and Pilgrimage of the Promised Land” in November 2018. This trip was exactly as advertised – a “super tour”. Each day of the tour we saw and experienced what most tour groups would see in 1-1/2 to 2 days. The schedule was packed full. Some days we started out before 6:00 am, and other days we didn’t end the day until after 10:00 pm. For some people, this kind of a schedule might be exhausting, but for my wife and I it was exactly what we were looking for.

    Beyond seeing and doing all we possibly could in 8 days, we also had the privilege of hearing from Rabbi Cahn 2 to 3 times each day at the sites we visited. His insights and understanding of the Scriptures made the Holy Land and the Bible come alive to us in a new way. The tour guide on our bus also provided fascinating insights into the history, geography, politics, flora and fauna, and culture of the Holy Land as we traveled from place to place, all of which dovetailed with what we were learning from Rabbi Cahn.

    All in all, this was an unforgettable trip that has impacted my life in several ways. I have a new appreciation for the Bible, and a desire to study more and dig deeper. Every word is there for a reason. I also have a greater appreciation and respect for the land of Israel and for the Jewish people. And I have a greater sense of what it really means to be a follower of the Rabbi from Nazareth.

    My wife and I weren’t really sure what to expect when we signed up for this tour, but all of our expectations were exceeded by what we actually experienced. We would highly recommend this tour to anyone traveling to the Holy Land for the first time, or for anyone looking to gain new insights into the Bible and a new appreciation for this unique land.

  39. Jennifer Rinear 5 years ago

    What an Amazing and Exciting trip with Coral Travel and Tours!! Very professional and well thought out! My trip to Israel was more than I could have imagined! We had the best Tour Guide – Ron Singer, Cool Yellow Bus, who was kind, compassionate, funny and well knowledgeable of all the sights we visited as well as the History of the Nation of Israel and the word of God. My father and I were well taken care of and the entire group of around 400 people were coordinated and thought after. It was great having Col Shalom, owner of Coral Travel and Tours, with us throughout the trip making all necessary changes to make sure our tour groups were running smoothly each day, with as little disruption as possible, even with the inevitable changes to the itinerary that occurred. ☺ Worship with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and his teachings on the word will forever be in my heart and soul as well as all the people both American and Jews that I met along my trip! The sites and stories we visited opened up the Bible and Yeshua, Jesus our Savior, in a way I will always be grateful for. My heart will remain with Israel and its people as I continue to pray for the nation. I recommend taking the leap of faith and experiencing Israel like you never thought you could with Coral Travel and Tours and its well-versed and knowledgeable staff!!! Many Blessings to all!!

  40. Tania Karmout 5 years ago

    For the last 2 years I have been considering going to Israel. Early this year I finally decided to find a tour to go with. I chose the tour with Rabbi Cahn and organized by Coral Travel & Tours. I could not have chosen a better tour. From giving us much information prior to our departure to Israel, to meeting us at the airport, to having comfortable transportation with an skilled driver, to providing a guide that exceeded in knowledge about the sites that we visited, to perfect accommodations, beautiful hotels and delicious food. The super tour was beyond what I had imagined. Representatives from Coral travel stayed with us the length of the tour to ensure everything would go as planned. Anyone looking to travel to Israel should go with Coral travel & Tours.

  41. David Spear 5 years ago

    Jonathan Cahn Tour to Israel

    i consider myself a fortunate person. i have had the pleasure of seeing many great things and meeting many wonderful people in my life. But few experiences have touched both my mind and heart like the tour of Israel i was blessed enough to take with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.

    It would have been enough to see the beauty of Israel and learn about her history, but what i experienced went beyond what i planned for. It takes a lot to impress me, and this tour of Israel did just that. To see the beauty of the Holy Land is inspiring, but to feel the beating of its heart is life changing. Jonathan Cahn not only takes you on a trip to remember, but also one that feeds your soul.

    If you’ve ever wanted to see Israel like you’ve never seen it before, then look no further. If you ever wanted a guide that not only understands the Holy Land, but also the spirit that makes Israel so blessed, then you’ve found your guide in Jonathan Cahn. Shalom.

  42. Tom 5 years ago

    I was on the Coral Super Tour with Johnathon Cahn in November 2018 and what an Awesome experience. I am so glad we chose this tour to Israel, the sights, history, archeology, our guide was amazing, along with the teachings of Rabbi Cahn filled so many gaps in my knowledge. The unique settings both at night and daytime made for special memories. Another thing I enjoyed was the interaction with our bus mates, as the tour progressed, we worshipped together and as we shared the sights and thoughts between sights you could feel the love increase, time well spent. Good accommodations, excellent food and always felt safe and cared for. Don’t miss this one.

  43. Rodney K Goshow 5 years ago

    Our trip with Jonathan Cahn and Coral Tour truly was a “super tour.” While planning our trip, news reports of Israel and the tensions in parts of the country made us pray even harder for peace. Our experience while in Israel was very secure and exhilarating. Seeing fulfillment of prophecy in the fruitfulness of the Jezreel Valley, the building, developing and technological advances we witnessed was a personal & powerful experience.
    I very much enjoyed the teaching of Jonathan Cahn, making the Bible come alive, as well as the historical and personal input of our very competent guide, Guy!
    Coral Tours did an excellent job attending to our every need! We’re asking that God would continue to bless Shalom and the whole team!
    Rodney Goshow

  44. Debbie Vogel 5 years ago

    My trip to Israel with Coral Tours was absolutely amazing! The tour was very well planned, all the hotels were wonderful. Our bus driver Yair was very professional and a great driver, and always had a wonderful smile for everyone. Our guide Eyal was so knowledgeable and did a great job leading the Purple Bus! We went to so many sites and I learned so much not only about the biblical sites but also the history of Israel. Rabbi Jonathon’s teachings were very interesting and moving also. I left Israel with a desire to return again, to see even more. Thank you for a well planned and wonderful tour!

  45. Lucy Goshow 5 years ago

    I feel God directed me to this particular tour and I was so thankful He did. I was able to convince my husband to go with me, plus seven others joined us that we knew. It was so good to share it with others since it was more than one couple can take in alone. We were truly blessed as we heard the teachings of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, along with our bus guide, Guy. We saw so many interesting sites, and had the Bible come alive. Coral Tours went above and beyond to make things go smoothly with a large group of pilgrims!

  46. Wanda Elder 5 years ago

    Great job Coral Tours and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn! I just returned from the fall tour and it was everything I had imagined and more. Coral Tours did a great job handling the logistics of a large group and the days were so full with all the sites we visited it has left my head spinning! I will be absorbing this tour for months! Rabbi Cahn’s teachings were excellent as always, and the worship times were so special! Our tour guide, Eyal, and bus driver, Ayir, were both excellent and professional. We made many new friends from all over the world on this tour, it was one of the highlights of my life. I highly recommend this tour, very impressed!

    • Dennis Jones 5 years ago

      The expertise and professionalism of Coral Tours was 2nd to none. The hotel accommodations and food service was delightful and well planned. The bus drivers for Coral Tours made us feel safe under all road conditions, and rave reviews keep coming in for our guides who are adept in Israel’s history, current political affairs, geography and anthropology. Please choose Coral Tours for the best option in discovering Israel.Dennis and Linda Jones

  47. Denise S Schlegel 5 years ago

    just returned from the trip of a Lifetime. Coral Tours and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn created an event so powerful and so wonderful it is hard to put into words. I will never read or hear the Bible the same again. My understanding and knowledge increased a hundred fold. The logistics and service provided by Coral Tours was amazing. The teaching and guidance from Rabbi Jonathan cannot be found anywhere else. We celebrated, gathered new experiences, walked in the footsteps of Jesus and watched as Scripture came alive in front of us. We sailed on the Sea of Galilee, walked across the Mount of Olives, sat in the Garden of Gethsemane, and stood at the top of Masada plus a whole lot more. The tour guides were very knowledgeable and the bus drivers helpful and very courteous. My late husband helped me plan this trip prior to his passing. He knew before I went that this would change my life and this was the tour I should take. He was so right. The international scope of our tour was wonderful. I met so many from across the globe and from home in the US. The hotel accommodations were very comfortable and the food was delicious as well as plentiful. If you want the “RIGHT” tour of the Holy Land you must contact Coral Tours for your trip of a life time!!! FIVE STARS RATING!!!
    Contact Coral Tours to select a trip for you and your family! You won’t regret it!

  48. Carol Cook 5 years ago

    Carol Cook and John DeLarge;

    My husband and I have just returned from our Fall 2018 Jonathan Cahn Tour to Israel/Israel Tour/Super Tour. What an amazing experience of partnering biblical history with current global reality, and prophetic future events! We especially enjoyed his intimate and moving teaching settings. Jonathan has a God-given gift of making the scriptures come to life, through a rich understanding of both Hebraic tradition and Christian revelation, and invites you to experience them in a tangible, immediate, and memorable way. The Coral Tour company did an amazing job of swiftly and safely navigating our caravan of international sojourners across the Israeli countryside, to both anticipated significant sites, and many unexpected, treasured destinations. We definitely would join Rabbi Jonathan’s tour again, and urge anyone considering visiting the Holy Land to secure your spot on a future tour. You will not come home the same!

  49. Robert Muscianese 5 years ago

    This is our second tour with Coral Tours and Jonathan Cahn and was even more special. There is so much to see and learn that it takes more time to take it all in. The teachings were wonderful and the organization was excellent. Thank all of you–it takes the entire staff to make it this good.

  50. Kelly Hopkins 5 years ago

    We just experienced a trip of a lifetime on our family trip to Israel, super sebaba (Hebrew for cool!). In 10 days, we traveled the map and first plane rides ever for three of our kids and saw numerous daily doses of archaeological evidence of Christ in our history as well as in our own personal stories. This trip was full of life-impacting experiences: from planting trees to keep bringing life back to the Promised Land while we ourselves put down roots in our Christian faith; getting baptized together in the Jordan River by husband/dad; worshipping in the wilderness as we trust God will follow through on His promises as He always has; worship and communion in significant places such as the Mount of Olives, as we sailed the Sea of Galilee, and Chorism (1 of the 3 cities Jesus cursed for their unbelief and now lay in ruins); praying for every nation in every direction of the compass on top of Mount of Olives; praying around the Temple Mount; floating effortlessly in the Dead Sea; visiting the City of David, seeing modern-Jericho where the walls fell without God’s people having to fight in battle; Gideon Springs where God again fought the battle without human help; Elijah and the test of Altars; the valley of Armageddon; being in the very places where Jesus himself walked and taught to those who would listen on the Sermon on the Mount and where He multiplies the fishes and loaves, the synagogue of Magada, the Southern Steps of the Temple Mount, the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River and the Garden of Gethsaname; Herod’s palace and Roman camp remains; Jesus’ possible place of His death, burial, and resurrection giving us new life; and so much more! Jonathan Cahn, our completed Jewish Rabbi for the week, and our tour guide Liat, left us with so much knowledge of Jewish history and what God’s word says to us connecting the Gospel to everything and everyone. We will be drawing from this journey in Israel for years to come – you should just take a look at my 40 pages of notes! Thanks to Coral Tours, Jonathan Cahn, and his team of outstanding tour guides who led us and organized the super tour so well. Jonathan Cahn Tour to Israel/ Israel Tour / Super Tour

  51. Alexis Wilkerson 5 years ago

    What a challenge, to convey in words how glorious a life-changing experience this Super Tour to Israel was!
    All of Coral T & T’s wonderful people took great care in ensuring that every arrangement went smoothly.
    When we arrived in Israel and were met with such a sincerely warm welcome from Col. Shalom and his assistant, I immediately felt at HOME.
    Our driver, Eli, was excellent and very patient, and so was our wonderful tour guide, Guy, (What a guy!!) who went above and beyond my expectations. Guy is not only very knowledgeable about every location, but he also teaches with such a passionate love for Israel, his people, his G-D, so that each site is much more than a lesson in Biblical history and/or geography. Guy also blessed us many times with personal experiences relating to various sites, and for that, I am truly touched and grateful.
    From the white and blue butterfly which “joined” us in worshipping in The Midbar (wilderness) to the brilliant double rainbow shining above us as we planted trees in the forest of Neot Kedumim, and in so doing, played a part in fulfilling Bible prophecy, to The Holy One’s Presence at Ha Kotel and the Empty Garden Tomb, this pilgrimage has been an unforgettable experience I will treasure forever!
    I am so thankful Rabbi Jonathan chose Coral T & T to arrange this Super Tour.
    To say that I highly recommend Coral T & T to book your Israel tour with is an understatement. (Obviously, I haven’t even mentioned the enormous banquets of delicious food served and the very comfortable hotel accommodations.)
    To repeat something Guy, our fabulous guide, asked us repeatedly, “Y’ guys, do you want to see/hear something amazing?!” If you do, please don’t miss out. Book your Israel tour with Coral Travel & Tours! You’ll be so glad you did!!

  52. Vicki Greger 5 years ago

    This was the trip of a lifetime. To walk the steps of Jesus was undescribable. I can’t wait for my next tour to the Holy Land. Once is not enough. Even though my luggage arrived 4 days after I did, I still had a wonderful experience.

  53. Elizabeth De Almeida, Sydney Australia November 12, 2018 5 years ago

    Went on the Super Tour and Pilgrimage of the promise land Oct 30th – Nov 7th 2018 organized by Coral Travel and Tours along with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. This was the most amazing experience in my life. Having listened to Rabbi Jonathan Cahn for many years, from the moment of receiving the email regarding the tour, and having the greatest desire to visit Israel/Jerusalem I knew this was the tour the Lord wanted us to go on. As we were embarking on this journey from Sydney, Australia, Shalom, Yaniv and Elizabeth from Coral tours did a splendid job responding to all my inquiries very promptly and patiently. Even though there was the slightest thought of how a crowd of ten busses would be managed, upon commencing the tour it was very obvious that Coral Travel had thought of and managed the logistics meticulously. It was the best tour to visit Israel and absolutely no doubt, going along with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and hearing him speak and share the Scriptures at each location (and decreeing the wonderful Messianic songs/words) where Yeshua or the disciples walked, made each specific moment so much more special. From the shores of Caesarea, sailing in the sea of Galilee, floating in the dead sea, and Masada, Gethsemane, Temple Mount, Mount of Beatitudes, Mount of Olives, City of David, Eastern Gate, Garden Tomb, Upper room, Capernaum, and many more remarkable and awesome places, to the most precious presence and nearness of Jesus, and all the wonderful friendships made during this journey, made this tour unforgettable. Our guide Danny and bus driver Amir were also outstanding in every aspect each day. For anyone wanting to visit Israel/Jerusalem, if you are looking for so much more than just a tour, highly recommend going with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Coral Travel and Tours, it is an unforgettable and journey that will be cherished a lifetime. Thank you, Coral and Rabbi Cahn, Blessings & Shalom, You are simply the best!!!!!

  54. Suellyn 5 years ago

    The Jonathan Cahn Tour to Israel was life changing. This was my first time to Israel and it was packed. They put so many sites into 10 days you will be amazed. The hotel accommodations were wonderful. Our guide, Ron, and bus driver, Benny, were outstanding. Ron’s knowledge of Israel made me want to carry a notebook around to keep tract of all he told us. Rabbi Cahn’s teachings were so meaningful while you stood on the land of our Lord. Amazing. Worth every penny.

  55. Karmen K Holt 5 years ago

    Coral Travel & Tours has teamed up with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn for an amazing journey through the Holy Promised Land of Israel. My life, my spirit and my heart have been forever changed. As I felt the calling to go to Israel in the 70th year of Israel’s return, I couldn’t have imagined how sweet my soul could be touched. Thank you Jonathan Cahn Tour to Israel/ Israel Tour/ Super Tour for walking me through the life of our Jesus Christ. If it be God’s will, I AM returning soon. I recommend this trip to all people. Life changing!

  56. Jennifer and Roy Matthews 5 years ago

    This was our fourth trip to Israel, and all I can say is WOW! All of our trips have been awesome, but what was so different about this one was that it truly was a spiritual journey. We never wanted to go on a multi-bus tour, but this was Jonathan Cahn, so we decided to go for it. It was so well organized and our tour guide, Maya, went out of her way to share her knowledge of the history of Israel, as well as the sites we visited. Maya has such a special heart and looked out for us all. There were a lot of firsts for us, including planting a tree, having the Aaronic blessing sung to us by Rabbi Cahn on the Temple Mount and Southern Steps, walking right in front of the Eastern Gate (I don’t think anyone else does that), and being tied together with 4 boats on the Sea of Galilee where we worshipped the Lord. It was powerful to worship with 400 people in many areas of Israel. Communion under the stars was amazing (at Chorazim and Garden of Gethsemane). There were times I broke because the worship and time with the Lord was so powerful. And you can’t beat the teachings of Rabbi Cahn. Wow! From the time I registered for the trip and had my questions answered by Yaniv (he was very helpful), to the farewell dinner, Coral Tours and Jonathan Cahn went above and beyond the call of duty – especially Rabbi Cahn with his broken foot because he never slowed down. I could go on and on forever, but my husband and I will never be the same. Thank you, Coral Tours.

  57. Kara mulcahy 5 years ago

    Coral Travel and Tours goes above and beyond your trip exceptions! Everything from the moment I booked my Super trip to The Holy Land to the moment I returned home was unbelievable. I never had to worry about a thing. Coral took care of every trip detail. They have the best guides around. Every hotel stay, bus ride, and outing was well planned out and stress free. I highly recommend booking a Coral Travel and Tour trip! I know I will book a trip with them next chance I get!
    Kara Mulcahy

  58. joyce siegel 5 years ago

    I think it is called ‘Super Tour- trip of a life time ‘, because it will take a lifetime to unpack all the wonders of what I experienced. I did not anticipate that ALL my senses would be impacted in a positive way-sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. It is my heart though that is filled with so much joy and wonder from the tour. I found Coral Tours to be both professional and personal. I made several calls to Coral and was delighted to talk voice to voice with both Elizabeth and Yaniv. No menu or waiting but real live people who answered all my questions with patience and clarity. What also impressed me was that the owner of the organization, Shalom, showed up when we landed in Tel Aviv to welcome us to The Land. He also came to many of the key events. How is that for demonstrating care and concern that all went well? Then for the actual tour- how do you put in to words what a super tour is like. From the bus driver, guide, teachings of Jonathan Cahn, to the well planned out daily activities-like many I did not want it to end. I have fallen in love with Israel, miss Guy enormously-the best tour guide, Elli our exceedingly skilled driver and of course being able to learn from one of the best teachers of the bible and prophecy -Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. I will tell family and friends that if they are looking for a tour to Israel, to look no further than Coral Travel and Tours led by Jonathan Cahn. The only thing I would have wanted was to have it be longer.

  59. Malcolm J. Eldredge 5 years ago

    Jonathan Cahn’s Super Tour to Israel thru Coral Tours- Fall of 2018, was indeed a trip of a lifetime that I would be happy to do again soon. Experiencing Israel overwhelms all the senses in a way that does not lend itself well to writing. Being awed by the land and what is there to see and experience in Israel is almost guaranteed. Rabbi Jonathan’s teachings stirred thinking and wonderment. Coral Tours staff provided a simple sense of being cared for throughout each day. Tour guides, bus drivers, support staff, and the owner paid attention to needs and wants, from where to eat lunch, getting to bathrooms often, giving weather reports, and providing good time to shop. If going to Israel is on your bucket list, or you want another tour- these are the people to go with.

  60. Carole Urbas 5 years ago

    What a life-changing trip for me. I do not return home the same person. It was my first time visiting Israel, after years of praying for the opportunity. The tour with Jonathan Cahn was my time to go. Coral Travels was top notch every step of the way. I can’t imagine what they have to work through administratively to organize and accommodate so many people, but they still managed to make me feel important and that they cared about my experience. The tour itself was exceptional. We moved through a vast amount of holy sites with minimal setbacks. The flexibility of the teams when schedules had to change slightly was handled with ease and professionalism. Although it was a busy tour, with an abundance of walking, I didn’t mind. Jesus and His disciples were moving around from sun up to sun down, traversing the land in sandals no less. I considered it a blessing to partake of that in some way through all of our hiking around, getting a small sense of how much they probably welcomed the opportunity to finally rest at the end of the day. All of Israel is beautiful – and a miracle. This trip brought so much to life for me. Coral, Jonathan Cahn, my guide Avi, and all of the beautiful new friends I met made this experience a treasured experienced in my heart. I will never, ever forget it. Thank you all so much.

  61. Stephen Suhy 5 years ago

    ISREAL 2018 — OCTOBER 29 THRU NOVEMBER 8, 2018

    To summarize 10 inspiring days in the Holy land on Jonathan Cahn’s Super Tour of Isreal in the fall of 2018, I could use words such as inspiring, awesome, live changing, amazing, spiritual, and more, but that would only begin to describe it. Because there was so much more to the trip.

    There was one moment that will stay with me forever. While standing on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, Rabbi Cahn asked us to pray and meditate on where we were at. As I was standing alone and looking out over the water, I began to meditate of Jesus walking on the water, Jesus calming the storm, Peter walking on the water, Jesus calling His 12 disciples and Jesus healing the crowds. I closed my eyes and began to give thanks to our Lord for bringing me here and to pray and give our Lord praise.

    It was very subtle at first but I began to feel His presence coming over me from the water. I sensed something but wasn’t quit sure what it was at first. I continued to praise and soon I could feel His presence over my entire body as a soft, warm, gentle pressure. I felt no other feeling in by body except for His presence. When I realized it was Him I started to cry and had a deep sense of all the times I had rejected Him, denied Him and turned by back on Him and didn’t trust Him and doubted Him. As the tears flowed I had a calm sense of forgiveness in my heart. I knew He loved me no matter what I did to Him and that He will always love me. I didn’t want to leave His presence. I could feel His love. I will always use that moment on the Sea of Galilee with the Lord to meditate on ever time I pray and hope to have more of His presence in my prayers.

    Stephen Suhy
    Fredericksburg, Va.
    November 9, 2018

  62. Brianna Mitcham 5 years ago

    Jonathan Cahn Fall 2018 Tour

    I was absolutely blown away on this Tour. I had always wanted to go to Israel, but had no opportunity to go and then my Aunt mentioned this specific tour with Rabbi Cahn, so I said yes and went with her, not knowing what to expect. If you go on this pilgrimage seeking the Lord and are open to what He wants to show you and speak to you, you WILL leave forever changed and empowered.

    This Tour came at a time in my life where I was extremely broken and hurting and God was using this as the start of a new season, a new and deeper working inside my Spirit and a deeper anointing, He is doing a healing work. There was a sweet Spirit on this Tour, you could feel the Presence of God for the entirety of the time, you know He was among us, touching all of us and there was a fragrant offering of praise that was being lifted up every day, no matter who you were or what bus you were in. There was a sense of family in the people you met in your bus, it didn’t matter what denomination you are or what you believe, everyone was together as God’s children as it should be, no barriers between anyone.
    The Tour takes you to so many wonderful places, always doing their best to give you the best experience and to take you to as many sites as they can, so you get the fullest experience you possibly can. Every morning and night, we all met together with the Rabbi for a gathering and teaching, and throughout the day, we had little recordings of teaching by the Rabbi for specific places we visited. Every word the Rabbi spoke was so anointed, the Holy Spirit was speaking through him. The way that the Rabbi taught, he was able to bring a deeper understanding and showed us the interwoven truths in the Bible by the roots of the words and meanings in Hebrew and Greek. It was truly an honor to sit under his teachings and anointing, I learned so much and passages that I have read in the Bible so many times were brought to life in new ways I hadn’t even fathomed.

    Our Tour Guides and Bus Drivers were absolutely amazing, very patient, kind and thoughtful! My Guide was a fountain of knowledge, it was amazing to hear him explain and teach us all that he knew, whatever question you could think of, he knew the answer to. He also was completely hysterical! When we were tired or worn out, he would crack a joke or two in the fashion only he could pull off and it helped get us through. The longer we were with him, the more comfortable he got with us and by the end of the week, he had us in tears we were laughing so hard! Everything was organized as best as they can, when there were things that popped up and so changed the original plan, they somehow managed to work it out so we didn’t miss out, which I appreciated. They also, at the farewell dinner, recognized and honored everyone who possibly had a hand in this tour, which is something that other groups should do, but don’t. I absolutely recommend this Tour Group and their Tours with the Rabbi, they blew away all of my expectations.

    As for a budget, when we got there, I spent around $200 between food, water and small things that popped up. It really wasn’t expensive, which helped me and I know will help people that have budgets they need to adhere to. Bring lots of layers, sunscreen and a hat! The sun is strong and hot, but depending on where you go and what time of day, the temperature varies quite a bit, ranging from 60 degrees F to 95 F for the fall. I also lived in sandals, they were the most comfortable for me, just make sure you drink more water than you think you need to, you don’t want to get dehydrated.

    We were all blessed wherever we went, I cannot give you a “top 5 places”, the Lord will touch everybody differently in different places. That being said, our night meeting in the wilderness, wedding at Cana and the synagogue of Korazim really touched me, there was something special about us all meeting together as one body.
    For me, specifically, the Lord really manifested Himself in Jerusalem. From the first view of that Holy city, to the Temple Mount, Temple Steps, Eastern Gate, the Western Wall, Pool of Bethesda, it goes on. I felt His presence, overwhelmingly so, and He touched me and was doing a deeper work. I will never forget how He has spoken, shown Himself and touched me during this trip. The Lord called every single one of us that was there to go on that trip. It was an honor and a blessing and I cannot wait for when I have the opportunity to return. Until then, Jerusalem, all of my love and prayers.

  63. Lorraine Capece 6 years ago

    Amazing! Power packed. Unforgettable. Thank you Jonathan Cahn for so much information and inspiration. Thank you Coral Tours for the amazing coordination and for putting me on the RED BUS with such a flawless bus driver, Rami, a most excellent historian, Koren Eisner, our guide, and all the fellow Christians I met. I’m every so grateful.

  64. Laura Davis 6 years ago

    For me, this Spring 2018 Holy Land Pilgrimage was amazing! This was my 3rd Jonathan Cahn Holy Land Pilgrimage with Coral Tours and each one has gone beyond my expectations. There were 570 people on the Pilgrimage. Coral Tours made known the large number of people before the trip. Rabbi Cahn & Coral Tours had it set up so that the group (as a whole) would meet with Rabbi Cahn to hear him speak at least twice a day. Everyone received ‘whisperers/head sets’ so there was no struggling to hear. The whisperers allowed you to turn to one channel to hear Rabbi Cahn and another channel to hear your Israeli Bus Tour Guide. The info/history/background information that we received from Rabbi Cahn & our bus tour guide was very insightful and gave a much deeper understanding of the scriptures and significance of the areas where Yeshua (Jesus) walked and taught. Because of the amount of information that they imparted in us, I’ve been able to share some of the information with others that has “opened their eyes” (as someone told me). After going on THIS Pilgrimage, as well as the 2 previous ones, my understanding of the ‘true meaning’ has grown by leaps and bounds. Seeing the area where Yeshua (Jesus) asked the question “Who do you say I am?” gave me a whole new significance of the “why” behind that question. STANDING in front of the East Gate facing The Mount of Olives referenced in Ezekiel and seeing Biblical Scripture fulfilled with it being closed until The Messiah’s Return AND looking across the Kidron Valley to the Jewish graves on The Mount of Olives and realizing that we were standing on the exact location where Zechariah 14 will come to pass was an amazing feeling. Walking up the Southern Steps adjacent to The Temple Mount…the very steps that Yeshua (Jesus) would have walked up Himself was a phenomenal experience, as well as Service in The Garden of Gethsemane “at night.” I mention those 3 events cause not every tour to Israel gets to experience those 3 events. Each time I’ve gone, Coral Tours with Rabbi Cahn has made it happen flawlessly. Throughout the Pilgrimage, both Coral Tour Representatives and Rabbi Cahn were accessible. Due to the significant number of events planned each day, each day started early and ended late. They made sure that hotel restaurants remained open, so we were able to eat without being rushed out. The system that Coral Tours had set up for the moving of all of our baggage made everything move flawlessly. Finally, it was so awesome to witness how they were able to tie all of our 6 boats on The Sea of Galilee together, so that we could usher in the Sabbath and partake in Holy Communion on The Sea of Galilee as 1! Bottom line: If you are looking for a ‘Pilgrimage’ not just a Tour, THIS is the Pilgrimage that you want to go on. A Tour has one set of expectations. A Pilgrimage takes it to another level…less sleep but much more long-term fulfillment I believe…lots of walking = lots to see & experience…Lots to see & experience = Leaving a mark in your life that can never be erased! I believe that for anyone who has never been to Israel, as well as those who have gone before but are looking to return, THIS is The Pilgrimage “For Such A Time As This!” Many thanks Coral Tours & Rabbi Jonathan Cahn!

  65. Wilma Bryan 6 years ago

    What a privilege and honor to be a part of such a blessed pilgrimage. Thank you Coral Tours, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and our Lord Jesus Christ for putting together such a wonderful trip of a lifetime. The ministry was educational, anointed and inspiring and learning about Israel’s foods (hummus forever! 🙂 and cultures was both delicious and amazing. I will keep the teachings and experiences with me and share them with others for the rest of my life. Glory to GOD!!!! Toda! & Shalom!

  66. Alfredo Marquez 6 years ago

    Being able to visit the Holy Land with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn was a tremendous blessing and a rewarding experience. Coral Tours did a magnificent job, especially on those rainy days! Would travel with Coral Tours any day!

  67. Sam Cheng 6 years ago

    Been Israel last may with another operator and definitely see the different and outstanding services and quality from Coral Tour. I also recommend this tour company to my pastor. Worth to mention this is a 14 buses tour and I was amaze how our tour guide GUY able to manage the big groups logistic smoothly. God make divine connections with few people in this tour and give me the message on how I should handle the situation. At the most shocked moment was on the last day a Canadian lady give me confirmation from God, she said God is going to use me… I am still amaze how good this tour is.

  68. Christy Jeffrey 6 years ago

    Just returned from the Jonathan Cahn Israel tour and it was the most amazing experience of my life! To be with so many other Christian brothers and sisters in the Holy land was incredible. I met some of the most amazing people from all over the world. This trip was not a vacation – it was a pilgrimage! God moved in and thru this tour and I, along with many others, will never be the same. Coral Tour’s did an incredible job organizing. I have zero complaints and it was worth ever dollar! I highly recommend this trip and would do it again in a heart beat!

  69. Penny Simon 6 years ago

    Just returned from an amazing tour in Israel with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn -organized by Coral Travel. – The trip was phenomenal – Accommodating 570 people is no easy feat – were there some logistical challenges – absolutely however inspite of the obstacles Coral did a fantastic job of seeing to it that every place the Rabbi wanted to share with us was accomplished. The tour came alive as we experienced rain on Mount Carmel, a shepherd with his flock in the sheeps field as the Birth of Jesus was recounted. So many more amazing amazing experiences – Jerusalem was the pinnacle of the trip – blessings from the Temple Mount -Teachings from the temple steps – worship from the East Gate if you have not experienced Israel – you need to be a part of one of these Pilgrimages – Coral outdid themselves in making transitions smooth – bus drivers so courteous and willing to help, guides so knowledgeable truly caring for the people they are leading .. i plan to go back again in 2019.

  70. Nathaniel Govender 6 years ago

    I cannot give you 10 stars. But if I could I would! What an amazing gang of people?! Coral tours went above and beyond to make this trip memorable! Shalom and his crew were always available, always smiling. They have the highest recommendation I able to give. God bless you all! Until next time!

  71. Pam Kendrick Parker 6 years ago

    Coral Travel & Tours did an outstanding job. Our guide Koren did an exemplary job walking us through the bible, teaching and making us think. This trip was life changing and one I will never forget. My heart longs to return one day to Israel!!

  72. Laura Rollinson 6 years ago

    Coral and our guide Liat brought the Bible to life before our eyes. Every part of the trip was better than the one before. I left a piece of my heart in Israel. I will be back.

  73. Kay Acurio 6 years ago

    I just returned home from Israel and what an awesome experience it was! Our group consisted of 2 buses (yellow and blue). I was on the blue bus and our tour guide was Liat and Jimmy was our bus driver. The yellow bus had Koren as their tour guide and Amir for their bus driver. All of these Coral staff members were super and showed their expertise by sharing their knowledge with us and by getting us to our destinations safely. I highly recommend this Company [Coral Travel & Tours] if you’re planning on going to Israel. Israel is beautiful and I hope to return there one day. We also met Shalom [Coral owner]; what an amazing testimony be shared with us. He’s a very humble and dedicated man.

  74. Jeff & Lori Wear 6 years ago

    We traveled to Israel with Coral Travel and Colonel Shalom! He and his staff made our tour top notch! We felt welcomed from the very moment we arrived! Every hotel we stayed in was excellent and every tour stop was well guided! From the hotels we stayed in to our tour bus we felt pampered and well taken care of! We would highly recommend using this tour company to anyone without hesitation.

  75. Jason Ohr 6 years ago

    My wife and I were blessed enough to get to take a trip to Israel in February of 2017. Coral Travel, Colonel Shalom, and his staff were very knowledgeable, professional and provided an enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a reliable, honest and trustworthy tour company.
    Jason Ohr

  76. Beverly Ridgewell 7 years ago

    The only way to truly “experience” Israel is to have your tour organized by first-class Coral Travel & Tours, receive truly anointed teachings from Rabbi Cahn, be led by super guides like Ron & Guy, carried in comfort by the most amazing bus drivers, & pack in more of Israel than one could imagine. Well done!

    Beverly Ridgewell
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Tour

  77. Susan Welkman Breza 7 years ago

    My husband and I were blessed to participate in the (Cahn/Farah) Holy Land tour and pilgrimage. We literally felt like we walked the Bible, and were spiritually fed and grew in the Lord! Rabbi Cahn’s teaching, leading and worship were extraordinary and anointed. Thank you to Shalom, and a shout out to our guide Guy #amazing and bus Captain, Tomas, who always went above and beyond!

  78. Welda Cuca Arroyo 7 years ago

    Just got back from the Jonathan Cahn HLT (Holy Land Tour) and I dont have words to explain how great this pilgrimage was…every day just seemed to get better and better, our tour guide, orange bus, Koren, was amazing with insight and teachings from every location. Our pastor, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, always surprised us with new mysteries of the locations we visited. Looking forward to the next one. Shalom!

  79. Dennis McAlister 8 years ago

    The Almog family is great. When problems crop up, they are handled invisibly…what I am saying you will not even know they occurred. They are all true professionals, dedicated to providing you with the journey of a lifetime and a lifetime of memories.

  80. Beth Ann Watkins 8 years ago

    I HIGHLY recommend Coral Travel as THE travel company to use for touring Israel. You are treated like family! They truly care about the experience you have when you are with them. Their attention to detail is superb!
    Every detail was handled with the utmost professionalism.
    This was our first trip to Israel and it definitely will not be our last. First class accommodations, the sights are AMAZING, the tour guides enjoy what they do and it shows! The food….OH MY!!! DELISH! If you have a question, they are more than helpful! I cannot say enough good things about this company…or the owner..Shalom Almog! What a gracious man! HIs family cares about the people who entrust their tour to him…and it is quite apparent!

  81. Jane Townsend Antonetti 8 years ago

    My husband and I went on a tour of Israel with Coral Tours. We loved every minute of it. Very organized, well-planned and everything was very special. They kept us safe and it was the trip of a lifetime. We highly recommend Coral Tours. We love Shalom.

  82. Carlos Jaramillo 8 years ago

    It was all I had dreamed about !! Israel is such a beautiful land with very nice and beautiful people !! Shalom and his team did a fabulous job !! The trip was FIRST CLASS !!! By far the BEST TRIP OF MY LIFE !!!!

  83. Tara Smith 8 years ago

    I have taken 2 group tours to Israel with Coral Travel & Tours. First class experience in their service, tours, hotels, food and protection! Love them as our family!

  84. Mark Wheeler 10 years ago

    Coral Travel & Tours has ALWAYS given us the BEST travel experiences. And their Facebook page offers not only travel info but also insightful news articles and informative links to feature stories. Shalom and Irit, and their tour guides, personally see to it that we get more than we pay for, every time!

  85. Arthur Benjamin 10 years ago

    Coral Tours is an amazing ISRAEL touring ministry. I can not express how blessed we were to experience Israel with Guy Leibowitz and Shalom. The trip was simply put, life-changing!!!!

  86. Mathias Simon 10 years ago

    What an awesome trip to Israel! Shalom you are like family; miss all our friends Danny, Eli all the gang in Israel! Would never go with any other travel agency! Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

  87. Gary Burd 10 years ago

    I wish there were words to express how Carolyn and I feel about this company, no family. The Almog family goes the extra mile to make sure you have the best tour possible.

  88. Lisa Lopez Marshall 10 years ago

    I would HIGHLY recommend Coral Travel and Tours… They are not just a travel company they are family!!!

  89. Sheri Amaradio 10 years ago

    My husband and I have made 3 trips to the Holy Land with Coral Tours and have ALWAYS been inspirational, brought us closer to God, and have ALWAYS felt at home and safe with the staff! You’re an amazing group of leaders.. Family for sure.. God Bless and hope to see you again soon!

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