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The Lord is Good all the time. A spiritual journey to Israel is a trip of a lifetime. Coral Tours wants to take you there.

Coral owner, Shalom Almog, gives his testimony on Answers for Today with Pastors Terry Reynolds & Chris Quintana.

Coral owner, Shalom Almog, talks about how he entered into the Israel Christian tourism industry after dedicating his life to protecting Israel, retiring from the IDF as a full-bird colonel in logistics.

Christian Holy Land tour video with commentary by Shalom Almog, President of Coral Travel & Tours, Ltd.; Roni Winter, Tour Guide; Clark Van Wick, Sr. Pastor at Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship. Serving the Christian and Messianic communities, Coral Travel & Tours wants to take you on a trip of a life-time.

“I AM ISRAEL” is a epic film by Director David Kiern. Filmed in 4k, it brings to life the inspirational story of Israel like you’ve never seen before.

Pastor Clark Van Wick serves as senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship in Temecula, California. He and his wife, Sally, have led several congregational tours to Israel throughout the years. They are passionate about sharing their love for Israel and teaching the bible as they lead believers throughout their journey to the Holy Land.

Roni Winter is simply one of the best Israeli guides you’ll find. Listen as he talks about what it means for believers to visit Israel.

Susan talks about her recent tour to Israel with the Jonathan Cahn and Joseph Farah tour group. Coral Travel & Tours provides fully escorted custom tour packages for small and large groups. Our licensed Israeli guides are hand picked for their unsurpassed knowledge of Christian sites, the Bible, archaeological and historical sites, along with their passion for the land of Israel.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn comments on the service provided by Coral Travel & Tours on his third trip to Israel with us. It has been a tremendous blessing to work with both him and Mr. Joseph Farah.

Shalom Almog, President of Coral Travel & Tours, speaks about Christian travel as a ministry which strengthens the believer’s faith and provides a deeper understanding of the word of God.

James participated in the 2016 Cahn/Farah tour. Listen to him describe his experience on the tour, the guides, the locations and service.

Enjoy the Journey of a Lifetime in Israel. Coral Travel & Tours offers customized tours for churches, bible study groups, conferences, educational groups and more. Video for Christians interested in traveling to Israel.

“I would encourage everyone to check out WND’s ‘Journey to the Holy Land’ from Nov. 2-12, 2017, led by our friend, Joseph Farah, who is the founder, editor and chief executive officer of WND…” ~ Chuck Norris

Coral Travel & Tours has had the pleasure of bringing Mr. Joseph Farah, founder of WND, and his groups to Israel multiple times now. He is a wonderful man and we are honored to guide him on his tours of Israel.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn announces 2016 super trip to Israel. Get a taste of what’s in store on this once in a lifetime tour.

High quality, inspirational images of Israel, including the Garden Tomb, Old City of Jerusalem, the Western Wall, Sea of Galilee and more. Live the dream, visit Israel!

WND Journey to Israel Video Fall 2016.

IPHC Ministry, Mission M:25, rumbles through Israel in honor of IDF soldiers. Video production by Gregory Kuhn for IPHC.

Rosa Veiga Rinaldi shares her story about visiting Israel with Coral Travel & Tours & tour guide Rebecca Nokrian just following the 2014 Gaza conflict.

This video contains Popular sites for a Christian itinerary in Israel.

A 2014 Messianic Group’s Journey to Israel with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.

Discover Israel and be transformed as scripture comes to life.

Greeting and message from Col. Shalom Almog, President of Coral Travel & Tours from the Mount of Olives in Israel.

Greeting and message from Col. Shalom Almog, President of Coral Travel & Tours from the Mount of Olives in Israel.

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