Ancient Egyptian Amulet Discovered

Ancient Egyptian Amulet Discovered

An ancient Egyptian Amulet discovered by a group of Israeli high school girls is estimated to be 3,300 years old. The artifact was unearthed during a field trip at an archaeological site in the Galilee recently. According to the IAA, the students were assisting archaeologists at the Tzipori dig sift through sand when they came upon the amulet.

The high school students are part of a larger group participating in excavations at 6 different sites around the Galilee. Coordinated by the Ministry of Education, these field trips are designed to bring 10th graders out of the classroom and into the field to be involved in public projects in nearby communities.

According to Dr. Daphna Ben-Tor, curator of Egyptian archaeology at the Israel Museum, the scarab comes from the 19th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. Founded by Ramesses I, the dynasty is best know for its Canaan military conquests.

Photo courtesy of Israel Antiquities Authority.



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