Biblical Tours: Exciting Times to Explore the History of Israel

Biblical Tours: Exciting Times to Explore the History of Israel

Taking part in biblical tours is a great way to help you get closer to your faith and appreciate your teachings through the Bible.

After all, you will be able to stand in the most amazing places referenced in the Bible and, at the end of it, create a much more profound connection with the biblical teachings and your faith.

Most Christian pastors, teachers, and experts often take part in these bible land tours by leading groups of believers through the sites of Biblical Israel in the footsteps of Jesus and the apostles, making these tours more meaningful and insightful.

However, thanks to the new advancements of Israeli archaeology, little by little, these Israel bible tours have been able to change the way they normally work for the better.

Initially, the local tradition was the main basis of belief for where certain events of the Bible took place. Still, archaeological evidence and study have been able to help take the accuracy of the Bible to a new level.

For instance, earlier this year, Israeli archaeologists uncovered centuries-old fragments of an ancient Bible scroll. According to Israel´s National Antiquities Authority, this discovery dates back to around 132 AD, making it one of the oldest-ever biblical fragments to be found.

Although the authorities mentioned that the words differ slightly from other Bible versions, it helps to shed light on how biblical text changed over time from its earliest form.

This is only one out of the many discoveries that have been found over the years, which have helped the factual accuracy of the Bible become progressively more astonishing. Therefore, we encourage Christian travelerson this journey of a lifetime. Book your Biblical tour today and come face-to-face with the experts and artifacts of the Holy Land.

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