Christian Group Tours To Israel

Christian Group Tours To Israel

The Christian pilgrimage to Israel introduces you to the most important biblical and historical sites that absolutely must be seen while visiting the Holy Land for the first time. Bringing biblical stories to life, the tour should guide travellers through the Holy Land using the Bible as a road map to spiritual discovery. The tours to the various historical and biblical sites will lead you on an enlightening, biblical journey through Israel, breathing life into some of the most meaningful locations and stories in the Christian faith. The tour operator should enable you to experience your faith on a unique and eye-opening tour to the Holy Land. The Bible land tour should be fully-escorted and take its travellers on an unforgettable excursion that allows them to explore some of the most popular biblical and historical sites in the world.


On your trip, knowledgeable, licensed guides connect the history, geography and theology of the places you’ll be visiting – in a friendly and intimate atmosphere. The guides are the lifeblood and their mission in mind is making your tour a journey of a lifetime. They should be highly trained to connect history, geography and theology of the places you will visit. The team of tour guides should have expertise in everything from biblical scriptures to local culture.  Each traveller should receive personal care and attention from the local staff.

Coral Tours plans tour accommodations which include comfortable modern coaches that transport you through expertly planned itineraries. Along the way you will sample delicious local cuisine. And of course, first class accommodations await you each evening. The combination of their extensive network, years of experience, and talented associates makes it possible for Coral Tours to deliver superb tour packages at fantastic rates. They offer the ultimate travel experience since they are committed to providing the very best customer service during each step of the trip.


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