Christian Travel is a Powerful Resource

Christian Travel is a Powerful Resource

At Coral we believe Christian travel is a powerful ministry resource which can greatly impact spiritual lives by increasing believers’ knowledge of scripture while facilitating Christian fellowship. Christian leaders play a decisive role in whether and how this resource is utilized. If you’re a pastor or ministry leader considering hosting a trip to Israel here is a list of 10 great reasons to go ahead and request your free, no-obligation group tour quote:

10 Great Reasons to Lead a Tour to Israel

1. Biblical education
2. Spiritual renewal
3. Support missions
4. Evangelism
5. Grow faith
6. Enhance ministry
7. Develop leadership
8. Enrich prayer
9. Bless Israel
10. Strengthen fellowship

Coral offers Pastors Familiarization Tours of Israel to encourage pastors in their desire to lead believers to the Holy Land. In this tour setting, Christian leaders have the opportunity to study the land Israel, its important historical, cultural and biblical sites while learning about the myriad tour options available. Another excellent benefit is pastors will feel confident in bringing a group to Israel with Coral once they’ve experienced our exceptional service.

SPECIAL: Receive a full refund of your tour (basic program) when you book and host your own group to the Holy Land within 12 months of the pastors familiarization tour.

Learn more about the benefits and subsidized pricing of our Pastor Familiarization Tours.


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