Interesting Facts about Jerusalem

Interesting Facts about Jerusalem

A trip to one of the oldest cities, Jerusalem, is surely an outstanding travel experience for any travel enthusiast. The Old City of Jerusalem is situated underneath the surface. Dark spaces, winding tunnels, ancient springs and historical buildings tell the whole story of this ancient city that thrived more than thousands of years ago. There are many sites that are popular, while some are still unknown. However, they all share a special aura of mystery and the vibrant life of the old Jerusalem city.

Here are some more interesting facts about this gorgeous city.

  • Old Jerusalem city has more than 2,000 archeological sites. Whether you have booked pilgrim tours to Israel or heritage sites tours, try to visit as many as sites you can. Each site is a great example of ancient art and diverse culture.
  • Jerusalem is the place where you can see the most important religious sites of all the three religions – Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. This city is home to Temple Mount, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Dome of the Rock or Al-Aqsa Mosque, Western Wall, Via Dolorosa and Hurva Synagogue.
  • There are many popular markets where you can buy the souvenirs, spices, fresh produce, handcrafted articles and more. These places are heaven for those who love to browse and barter for the best deals.
  • Jerusalem is recognized as the holiest city in the world. Therefore, this city is an essential part of a whopping 60 museums and 70 cultural centers with exhibits that includeboth ancient and modern art, poetry and literature.
  • The Mount of Olives is another popular site located in the Eastern Jerusalem. The bible names this site as the location where Jesus ascended to heaven and where he will ultimately return. It isalsowhere many Jews from around the world have been buried. The Mount of Olives has almost 150,000 Jewish graves that date back to the 15th century.
  • People who love wine will not be disappointed in Jerusalem at all. They can enjoy and sample the Ancient Hebrews’ wine here. In Jerusalem, there are around 26 huge wineries. This is the reason why this city is counted among the largest wine producers.


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