Interesting Things You Can Do in Israel

Interesting Things You Can Do in Israel

Israel is a beautiful country and the number of attractions it offers can make your trip a memorable experience. This country holds many beautiful sites that will give an experience that you will never forget. From archeological sites and sandy beaches to the shuk(marketplace) and religious sites, you cannot afford to ignore the unparalleled beauty of this place.

An outstanding range of religious sites make trips to Israel for Christians a must. However, people from other communities can also enjoy their visit to Israel. The following are some of the interesting things you must try in Israel during your trip.

  • Rafting in Biblical Jordan River: The Jordan River has a special place in Israel because it is a great source of water and it is also used for baptism. Apart from this, Jordan River is popular among the rafting lovers. People come here to enjoy rafting, kayaking and boating. When you are in Israel, never miss the chance of enjoying rafting in the water of this biblical river.
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride: People who want a unique as well as an interesting activity to enjoy in Israel must try hot air balloon ride here. Up in the air, you can enjoy the eye-pleasing views of the vast landscapes. You can also watch the mesmerizing views of sunrise and sunset if you are there at the right time. Hot air balloon ridesare a fun way to look over the Israel landscape, so try it whenever you visit Israel.
  • Enjoy Floating in the Dead Sea: The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth. If you are feeling rundown or you want to chill out, this place is ideal for you. You can enjoy floating in the water of Dead Sea. In fact, people having restricted budget can also enjoy the trip to this place because this location is not just beautiful, but budget-friendly as well. For those who want a little pampering is the option to stay at the Dead Sea hotel and take in the relaxing spa treatments available.


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