Israel Bible Tour: Reinvigorate Your Bible Reading & Teaching

Israel Bible Tour: Reinvigorate Your Bible Reading & Teaching

More than just a trip, taking an Israel Bible Tour is one of the best ways believers connect with the roots of their faith and revitalize their biblical studies. For the experts at Coral Tours, our biggest desire is to help you connect with the roots of Christianity while enjoying all the experiences that Israel has for you!

Our experts have designed each tour to guide you through the most important biblical places and prayer sites in Israel you have learned about in your biblical studies, such as:

Temple Mount Southern Wall

The Southern Wall is one of the remaining walls of the Old City dating back to the expansion of the Second Temple by King Herod. In 1967, archaeologists uncovered the massive ancient staircase leading to the main entrance to the Temple Mount.

The Southern Steps to the Huldah Gates were ascended by Jews, including Jesus, annually for the three pilgrimage festivals.


One of the oldest cities in the world, mentioned in the bible as “Joppa,” is considered the world’s oldest port and the place where the prophet Jonah set sail for Tarshish.

You will be able to know the place where Peter resurrected Tabitha in Jaffa (Acts 9: 35-43), and Peter went from Jaffa to Caesarea to convert Cornelius after the vision at the house of Simon the Tanner (Acts 10: 1-23), and at the end of the day, enjoy dinner next to the Mediterranean Sea.

Garden of Gethsemane

This garden is most famously known as the place where Jesus spent his final hours in prayer before he was betrayed and arrested. A site where believers worldwide seek to reinvigorate their teaching, come to meet, and pray each year.

Church of All Nations

This church was built in 1924 by the architect Antonio Barluzzi. It was built on the remnants of a Byzantine church built in the 4th century and later converted to a basilica by the Crusaders.

This prayer site is important for believers since there is an altar with a large rock that is believed to be where Jesus prayed the night before his betrayal.

A journey of a lifetime

You will be able to know these and many other places, accompanied by our friendly and qualified staff, who will work with you to ensure that your tour program is designed to include all the sites, churches, and attractions that you desire.

You can also visit Israel’s extraordinary lands to see its historical sites and prayer sites to reconnect with your religion and reinvigorate your bible reading and preaching.

What are you waiting for? Call us now! Design an entire webpage dedicated to your tour on our official website, including all the necessary information.

Furthermore, if you’re not looking forward to processing the registration forms by yourself, participants can mail them directly to us instead. We’ll take that part of the process out of your hands, and provide you with a report showing who’s signed up to go

Follow these steps and, in due time, you’ll have:

  • A fully designed tour plan,
  • A tour with all logistics figured out.
  • And a tour group all signed up and ready to go.

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At Coral Tours, we are proud to offer you a high quality of service that sets us apart from others Israel tour operators. We’ll assist you in designing the very best Israel Christian tour to suit your needs and deliver it with exceptional care to detail.

Feel free to see what our clients have to say about our travel services, you will be convinced that Coral Tours has a reputation for excellence. Testimonials

For that and more reasons, you can rest assured that we will take care of your trip’s logistics as efficiently and adequately as possible. Meaning, you and your group can get to enjoy your time together worry-free.

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