Israel’s Online Collection of National Treasures

Israel’s Online Collection of National Treasures

The Israel Antiquities Authority via its National Treasures Department is responsible for the storage and documentation of hundreds of thousands of artifacts ranging from prehistoric times to the end of the Ottoman period. The most important of these treasures would arguably be The Dead Sea Scrolls, some of which are on display at the Israel National Museum in Jerusalem. [image]

Israel's National Treasures - the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.


A huge selection of published artifacts from the collections of Israel’s National Treasures are now online and available to the general public. Categorized by both type of artifact and by archaeological period, these remarkable treasures from the simple flints of the paleolithic period to the complex limestone mosaics from the Roman era are worth perusing. Each artifact’s information card provides detailed information regarding provenance, type, dimensions, material, site where discovered, dating and bibliography.


Lod Mosaic 300 AD

Lod Mosaic from ca. 300 AD. discovered in 1996 in the Israeli town of Lod. It is one of the largest and best-preserved mosaic floors discovered in Israel.


The featured photo is a Proto-Aeolic capital. This unique stone capital is characteristic of palaces and public buildings in Israel and Judah during the First Temple period. Capitals of this type have been found in the major administrative centers of Israel: Dan, Hazor, Meggido and Samaria, and of Judah: Jerusalem (City of David) and Ramat Rahel.

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