Israel Super Tour & Pilgrimage Testimonials

Led by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

Coral Travel & Tours receives numerous comments from participants who’ve enjoyed the Jonathan Cahn Israel Super Tour & Pilgrimage. Feedback is always overwhelmingly positive, so much so we decided to dedicate a full web page to testimonials so others could be encouraged in their Christian travels. We are passionate that these journeys prove to have an incredible spiritual impact on lives. Coral Tours is blessed to bring Rabbi Jonathan and his amazing groups to Israel. We pray you will be blessed and inspired while reading the testimonials below. If you’d like to leave a comment please email us at God bless!

I just returned from an Israel tour with Coral Travel & Tours and Jonathan Cahn. It was such a wonderful and blessed trip. I met so many wonderful people and saw more of Israel than I could of hoped for. I encourage everyone to make a trip to Israel! It will be an experience you will never forget!!! Go expecting to be blessed!

Beasely McDonald
Rabbi Cahn Israel Tour

I was a part of Rabbi Jonathan’s Spring Tour 2018 and had the greatest experience of my life! God blessed every day of our tour and I will never be the same! I was extremely impressed with Coral Tours and have zero complaints. Even when heavy rain forced us to change our itinerary, they did so quickly and seamlessly. The phone app was an excellent resource (both Apple and Android) and I was very impressed with the communication before, during, and after the trip. I highly recommend this travel company for any size group!

Christy Jeffrey
Rabbi Cahn Israel Tour

So how does one describe so rich an experience in a few words?

As a bride from the East [India] with my groom from the west [US], this pilgrimage was like an Eastern wedding feast; several days of festivities with a large family gathered to celebrate…

Something old: we walked in the paths of the patriarchs, from ancient gates to time tested fortresses [Masada]. We ate food much like the matriarchs fed their households. Slept in a tent under the stars, rode camels, visited cities where Yeshua ministered and ushered in Shabbat while sailing the Galilee. Praised in Ein Gedi where some of David’s psalms were inspired. We received the ancient blessing on the Temple Mount, walked the path of the priests & climbed the Southern steps proclaiming verses from the Psalms of ascent.

Something new: a jeep ride in the Golan Heights, enjoyed a natural spa! at Gideon’s Springs, planted trees [in this New Year of the Trees 2018]. Renewed wedding vows under the olive trees, in Cana. We also re-lived some Biblical moments with pouring rain in Carmel and being thrown out of an ancient synagogue! Rejoiced at the empty Garden Tomb and celebrated a candle light communion in the Garden of Gethsemane. Visited Independence Hall where the historic announcement was made of the Nation-prophetically-born in a day. Significantly, we celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday in a year ending in 18, the number of life [chai].

Something borrowed: the precious family time that our gracious host, Rabbi JC [interesting initials!] invested in us. An insightful teacher steeped in humility, Rabbi Jonathan lived, walked and broke bread with us daily. A guitar strumming worship leader too…if he ever builds the Beth Israel Kibbutz, we are moving in!! And Guy Leibovitz, wow! Our guide was the crème de la crème. A goldmine of knowledge, he stirred our hearts as he shared the historic reality of the Bible, with a passion for his land, people and heritage [a personal favorite being the story of his beloved grandmother and her rope burn scars]. And Eli, the skilled, seasoned steersman of our bus and provider of the ever-welcome bottle of water. Thank you! to each of you and to your family’s for sacrificing their quality time-with you-so that we could become better educated Ambassadors of Eretz Israel. And finally,

Something blue; the blue-ribbon par excellence goes to CORAL TOURS! From the moment Irit greeted us with a warm, ‘welcome home’ to the grand farewell banquet, their staff displayed seamless finesse in handling the logistics. Especially, given such a large group of often tired, hungry and diverse people.

Having been on previous tours with other tour groups-our Israel Spring 2018 Pilgrimage, led by a Divinely orchestrated tag team of Rabbi Jonathan and Guy Leibovitz- was UNPARALLELED!

Rabbi and Guy have provided us the evidence-Biblical and historic- which demands a verdict from each of us, as when Christ asked His disciples, ‘Who do YOU say that I AM?’ So as Guy would say, “you guys” it is time to sign up for next year in Jerusalem!!

Ted & Vanessa Reagan
Rabbi Cahn Israel Tour

Just returned from the Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Spring 2018 Israel Super Tour & Pilgrimage. It was an incredible spiritual adventure. This time I took my 12-year-old daughter with me. Rabbi Jonathan is an amazingly anointed teacher. I’m grateful he took so much care and time for everyone on the tour and there were a lot of us! God bless him! Coral Tours did an outstanding job once again with all the logistics from dawn to dusk and into the night. They are amazing! My favorite part of the trip was our time spent at the Southern Steps – the very same stairs to the Jewish Temple we know Jesus would have taken. Rabbi Jonathan read the Songs of Ascent from the book of Psalms. It was an unforgettable experience. When Astronaut, Neil Armstrong, visited these very same steps he said to his guide Meir Ben-Dov, an Israeli archaeologist, “I have to tell you, I am more excited stepping on these stones than I was stepping on the moon.” All I can say is AMEN!

Carol Moyers
Rabbi Cahn Israel Tour

Amazing! Power packed. Unforgettable. Thank you Jonathan Cahn for so much information and inspiration. Thank you Coral Tours for the amazing coordination and for putting me on the RED BUS with such a flawless bus driver, Rami, a most excellent historian, Koren Eisner, our guide, and all the fellow Christians I met. I’m every so grateful.

Lorraine Capese
Rabbi Cahn Israel Tour

My husband & I were part of Jonathan Cahn’s Spring Super Tour. We saw and experienced so many incredible things and Rabbi Cahn’s teachings opened the bible up even more for us. We both came back spiritually renewed and even more Pro-Israeli than we were before! We absolutely loved our Gray bus tour guide, Leor, and our driver, Jimmy. Many days we would have impromptu praise & worship times driving between sites. We definitely recommend this trip and God willing, we will go again.
However, this tour was very physically strenuous! We would caution anyone thinking of going on either the Fall Super tour or Spring 2019 Super tour that if you have any physical problems that make it difficult for you to walk (knees, hips, heart, etc) this is not the tour for you! Many in our tour group had difficulties due to their physical limitations.This is NOT a complaint against Coral Travel & Tours as the material they sent out warned us that it involved a lot of walking. They did a fantastic job organizing close to 600 people, 14 tour buses, guides, drivers, hotels, meals, etc. Because of their hard work, we were blessed! Thank you for an incredible and amazing experience!

Amy Dubisz
Rabbi Cahn Israel Tour

Had a great trip with Coral and Jonathan Cahn group, 14 buses and over 500 people, it was great! Gadi our guide and Avi our bus driver were the best and Shalom and his wife were wonderful! Where most tour groups do maybe 2 or 3 things a day, they packed in 5 or 6, we definately got our moneys worth! Want to see any of my pictures from the trip, I am on Facebook as Dorothy Todd, feel free to look, I took over 600 pictures total!

Dorothy Todd
Rabbi Cahn Israel Tour

Been to Israel last May with another operator and definitely see the different and outstanding services and quality from Coral Tour. I also recommend this tour company to my pastor. Worth to mention this is a 14 buses tour and I was amazed how our tour guide GUY able to manage the big groups logistic smoothly. God make divine connections with few people in this tour and give me the message on how I should handle the situation. At the most shocked moment was on the last day a Canadian lady give me confirmation from God, she said God is going to use me… I am still amaze how good this tour is.

Sam Cheng
Rabbi Cahn Israel Tour

I just wanted to say my recent trip to Israel on Johnathan Cahn’s tour was Amazing but the tour guide on our bus made the trip for me! Hats off to Koren Eisner and Romi our red bus driver ! They took such good care of us and Koren was so wise and knowledgeable! This was my first time there and I went with some safety concerns. But We were reassured and made to feel welcome and totally safe! I learned a lot and met new friends. It was wonderful!

Sharon Wells
Rabbi Cahn Israel Tour

For me, this Spring 2018 Holy Land Pilgrimage was amazing! This was my 3rd Jonathan Cahn Holy Land Pilgrimage with Coral Tours and each one has gone beyond my expectations. There were 570 people on the Pilgrimage. Coral Tours made known the large number of people before the trip. Rabbi Cahn & Coral Tours had it set up so that the group (as a whole) would meet with Rabbi Cahn to hear him speak at least twice a day. Everyone received ‘whisperers/head sets’ so there was no struggling to hear. The whisperers allowed you to turn to one channel to hear Rabbi Cahn and another channel to hear your Israeli Bus Tour Guide. The info/history/background information that we received from Rabbi Cahn & our bus tour guide was very insightful and gave a much deeper understanding of the scriptures and significance of the areas where Yeshua (Jesus) walked and taught. Because of the amount of information that they imparted in us, I’ve been able to share some of the information with others that has “opened their eyes” (as someone told me). After going on THIS Pilgrimage, as well as the 2 previous ones, my understanding of the ‘true meaning’ has grown by leaps and bounds. Seeing the area where Yeshua (Jesus) asked the question “Who do you say I am?” gave me a whole new significance of the “why” behind that question. STANDING in front of the East Gate facing The Mount of Olives referenced in Ezekiel and seeing Biblical Scripture fulfilled with it being closed until The Messiah’s Return AND looking across the Kidron Valley to the Jewish graves on The Mount of Olives and realizing that we were standing on the exact location where Zechariah 14 will come to pass was an amazing feeling. Walking up the Southern Steps adjacent to The Temple Mount…the very steps that Yeshua (Jesus) would have walked up Himself was a phenomenal experience, as well as Service in The Garden of Gethsemane “at night.” I mention those 3 events cause not every tour to Israel gets to experience those 3 events. Each time I’ve gone, Coral Tours with Rabbi Cahn has made it happen flawlessly. Throughout the Pilgrimage, both Coral Tour Representatives and Rabbi Cahn were accessible. Due to the significant number of events planned each day, each day started early and ended late. They made sure that hotel restaurants remained open, so we were able to eat without being rushed out. The system that Coral Tours had set up for the moving of all of our baggage made everything move flawlessly. Finally, it was so awesome to witness how they were able to tie all of our 6 boats on The Sea of Galilee together, so that we could usher in the Sabbath and partake in Holy Communion on The Sea of Galilee as 1! Bottom line: If you are looking for a ‘Pilgrimage’ not just a Tour, THIS is the Pilgrimage that you want to go on. A Tour has one set of expectations. A Pilgrimage takes it to another level…less sleep but much more long-term fulfillment I believe…lots of walking = lots to see & experience…Lots to see & experience = Leaving a mark in your life that can never be erased! I believe that for anyone who has never been to Israel, as well as those who have gone before but are looking to return, THIS is The Pilgrimage “For Such A Time As This!” Many thanks Coral Tours & Rabbi Jonathan Cahn!

Laura Davis
Rabbi Cahn Israel Tour

Seamlessly overcoming any travel obstacle, Coral Tours went more than the extra mile to give us the experience of a lifetime! Well done and thank you for taking such good care of us.

Catherine Pearce Laing
Rabbi Cahn Israel Tour

I wanted to write to say thank you so very much for the enormous effort, the planning and thought that yourself and your dedicated team went to, to bring us such amazing experiences while on our ‘Once In A Lifetime Pilgrimage To The Holy Land’. Every footstep, every moment was a great blessing and will continue to be more so as revelation continues to become alive when drawing from experiences while in the Holy Land. May GOD Richly Bless your life, your family and your ministry. In JESUS Holy Name, Julie Whyte.

Julie Whyte
Rabbi Cahn Israel Tour

Had a terrific experience on the Spring 2018 Rabbi Jonathan Cahn tour. Shalom Amog and crew did a masterful job wiith the logistics for close to 600 people. I’d go again.

Diane Roney
Rabbi Cahn Israel Tour

If I could give you a 10 Star ⭐️ I would. I just returned from the April 2018 tour with Johnathan Cahn and I can truly say it was not only amazing but a life changing experience which has blessed me as well as my sister who accompanied me to the trip! Memories, blessings and lifetime friendships. God bless you all for all that you did to make it such an impactful trip with unforgettable blessings and memories!

Jacqueline Hernandez
Rabbi Cahn Israel Tour

Just returned from Israel with Jonathan Chan, amazing life changing adventure though the books of the Bible. I prayed to experience the word, instead I was transformed by the land of Israel in its beauty the healing presence of God. Coral Tours was outstanding, our Green Bus crew (you all know who you are) were outstanding. Mia, our guide became our friend and family. Thanks to Eli, our driver, who kept us safe and our bus filled with laughter. You’re the best. Shalom.

Michele Gajdzis
Rabbi Cahn Israel Tour

7 Nov 2013, Carol and I embarked on a fantastic trip of a lifetime for our 40th wedding anniversary. I personally met Col. Shalom Almog in Millburn, NJ at the tour office, and he assured me it would be something I would never forget. It was. This was the premier tour with both Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and WND CEO Joseph Farah, both gentlemen I met and the insight these two had in Israel was a blessing! Imagine coming to the land where my father was TDY 70 years ago as a WWII ferry pilot and said like Mark Twain that there was very little there, but he enjoyed the food as we also did. Israel is a hospitable place – built and rebuilt with super technology. Yes, the original sites have been wonderfully preserved and cared for by the Israeli people. The streets bustling with traffic and energetic people. The hotels filled with pilgrims and those making teshuva and aliyah, as both Carol and I are of Abraham’s seed. The food was kosher – no bacon, sausage, or pork bar-b-q, but was carefully seasoned and very enjoyable. Imagine breakfasts with egg quiches every day! Sour cream, tasty hummus, tahini, and various salads in 2 gallon punch bowls! Fine cheeses of American, German, and French origin and taste – breads to make a breakfast sandwich, fresh butter – an Israeli delight. Breakfast desserts available. Fresh ground coffee, tea, unlimited orange and grapefruit juice from a tap. Pure water – no chlorine! (If you want truly Holy Water, just turn on your tap and fill your bottle or canteen with rich-tasting water even with some minerals piped from the Yardenit (Jordan River). Simple, isn’t it! Dinner with Hebrew and Arabic specialties, including fresh tilapia! Jaffa oranges and grapefruit, even bananas abound. Hey folks – have you had an Israeli-Arabic hoagie, sub, zep, or po-boy? You could almost make one or better yet, order one made before your very eyes. It’s called shawarma. They alternate beef slices and lamb slices on a tall metal slice holder and cut so much off for about USD $5-8. On a regular 9-10″ sub roll plain – you are presented with that, but vinegar, mayo, tomatoes, lettuce-if available, “salad-toppings”, etc. are yours to garnish it. If your taste are somewhat veggie, there is falafel-like a thick hummus, seasoned and fried into a veggie burger and also on a tasty roll. Same fresh “salad seasonings”. Yep, American influence – Israeli originals. And this is just the food on the trip. Buses are very clean and seats are comfortable. Bus drivers are keen on watching your valuables accidentally left aboard, so no pilfering. Thanks, Immanuel (Mano). For one of the best tour guides, who has at least a bachelor’s degree, and born on Israeli Independence Day in May 1948, was Nimrod Ran, I believe. An outstanding leader, Nimrod served in the Israeli Army, is great in his historical knowledge of the land, and even personally knew the Dalai Lama in his studies in India earlier. You’d be surprised who you could “run into”. His humor was enjoyable. I recommended him to the Colonel as one of the top tour guides in Eretz Israel, as his expertise, watchfulness, and caring personally for the immediate safety for our group. For example – when we just arrived at Ben Gurion, he knew our names as if we’d known each other for years. When a short time later, we had been to a historical sight in Tel Aviv (Spring Hill) one of our couples had disappeared and was lost – within 25 minutes he located them and brought them back from a crowded area. Most guides would have let them go to get a taxi to find their way to the hotel – not Nimrod! Now that’s personal service! Everywhere we were, he was there watching for our safety, especially in Old (Arab) Jerusalem in the shuk! I hope to see him in the future. Not to speak of the Rabbi – his uncanny knowledge and quick response was impeccable! Whoa! God Blessed this young, musical Rabbi with the Word for the moment in speech or in musical song. Jonathan was also superb – “Instant in season, out of season.” Wish I could have met him and Gary Selman when I was stationed at McGuire earlier. Same with brother Joseph Farah – ace reporter and pundit with WND. What a trip! Holy places the Lord was, fine international foods, comfy 3-5 star hotels with very clean restrooms, etc. So it’s your choice. Go with a winner! Don’t just take my review – listen to the Colonel – “It’s something you’ll never forget!” I haven’t. Shalom.

Nathan Webb
Rabbi Jonathan Cahn / Joseph Farah Israel Tour

I just wanted to write to express my sincere gratitude for the recent Israel tour and to commend you for organizing such an excellent tour. The tour was coordinated fantastically (no surprise that you held a senior position in military logistics) and I have the highest commendation and regard for the tour, yourself and your team! Thank you for your hard work and for your bespoke support for us coming from Australia. Your hard work and efforts we’re seen in the quality of the trip. We had Koren Eisner as our guide – he was amazing! I hope to go back soon. I will no doubt spread the word of how fantastic Israel is as a destination and will recommend Coral Tours. I am personally deeply thankful for your organizing the tour and for your support.

George Tharian
Rabbi Cahn Israel Tour

I cannot thank you enough as well as the whole team from Coral Tours for the trip to Israel. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the kind of experience that we had. Every detail was organized with precision, efficiency and thoughtfulness. Most important of all, you were all part of a dream come true for most of us. I cannot wait for the next opportunity to travel with your team again.

Elvire Young
Rabbi Cahn Israel Tour

Thank you so much for an amazing trip to Israel – wow! So much fun. Liat was an exceptional guide – smart, passionate leader, knowledgeable, ha ha and kept us very organized and “in-line.” The 16 members that were re-routed to Baku on the home-journey arrived safely and without incident to JFK. They were very grateful for the exceptional, worry-free care and Azerbaijan Airlines. omg – what an airline. So many benefits. Thanks again for taking such good care of us!

Catherine and Wendell Coblentz
Rabbi Cahn Israel Tour

Hello Shalom & Irit, I just wanted to take this time to thank you for the most amazing trip of my life. My recent tour of Israel with you both on the Jonathan Cahn tour exceeded all my expectations… I also wish to thank you for assisting me with my extended accommodations in Jerusalem; I greatly appreciate your help. You are both wonderful people and I look forward to seeing you again on my next tour to Israel. Israel is truly the most incredible place I’ve ever been. Thank you again for making my first trip there so special. God bless you both.

In Christ,
Bruce Ladd

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the 2014 Farah/Cahn Israel tour. Your agency did a superb job and our yellow bus headed by Ron Lev was the best. Our tour group bonded remarkably well and lifetime friendships were made in part due to our guide’s personable and interactive teaching style. It definitely was not boring!!! Our bus driver was fun and took great care of us and the planned sights were perfect!! I have been highly recommending this tour to my friends and hope to return again next year with Coral! I left my heart in Israel and need to return to Israel to get it back! The accommodations were very comfortable and the stops were well thought out. Thank you for the best experience of my life!

Kelly Barry
Queen Creek, AZ

Thank you for the wonderful arrangements made on our recent tour to the Holy Land. We know that it is not easy to organize 8 bus loads of tourists but you and your team have coordinated everything beautifully. Irit, you are right, we did get the best guide ever, Ron, and the Brown Bus are blessed with his knowledge, his passion, his amazing sense of humor & verbal expressions, and his kindness! Pls bless him and tell him we are praying for his salvation! May Yeshua continue to bless you both that you may bring more and more people to Him, for His glory in His land!!

Chris & Adrena Chai

Coral Tours did an outstanding job in 2013 when Jonathan Cahn and I led one of the biggest American tours to Israel last year. Frankly, I was panicked about the logistics involved in bringing 400 pilgrims to Israel. I found out that Coral Tours could have handled even more without a problem, without a hitch. His guides were superb. His bus drivers were excellent. Shalom Almog, the founder of Coral, was a top IDF logistics officer and it showed.

Mr. Joseph Farah
Founder, WND

Dear Shalom, Just wanted you to know that the trip to Israel has not left our minds or our hearts. It was life changing for both of us. You and Jonathan (Cahn) did so much to make it so outstanding. It was awesome. We will never forget it. We are so glad that we saw Israel. Now any mention of Jesus or anything to do with Israel we are all ears. We loved it so much. We feel much closer to the Jewish people because of it and to the land. Not to mention our faith. You truly are doing God’s work. We have told everyone we have seen about Coral Travel & Tours – that they must travel to Israel. Thank you again for all your effort. It was so special.

Mary Yager and Raul Cabrera

SHALOM! I want to say thank you again for all your wonderful hard work to make our tour of IsraEL one we would never forget… Thank you for being an important part in my walk back into His purpose and plan for my life, as I rededicated, rebaptized, and reaffirmed my Life for HIM!

Dezaree Ryon

We wanted to let you know how wonderful and meaningful this trip was to us.  We have memories for a lifetime and are amazed how many things we were able to see and do. .. Your efforts are truly appreciated as we know other tours don’t come close to what we experienced… Danny our tour guide was also wonderful and kept us informed and moving along to get to the next location on time. Every day we see the Bible in a different way, have a closer connection and understanding of Israel and tell others about our amazing time. They are always surprised at the size of our group. We highly recommend Coral Travel.

Chuck and Sylvia Winik

I wish to express my sincerest gratitude for your exceptional efforts in the organization, implementation and execution of what I refer to the Cahn-Farah Super-Mega-Tour of Nov 7-17. I came with very high expectations, but you and your staff exceeded them handily…Words cannot express what I experienced of this pilgrimage, it truly was indescribable. From my perspective, you coordinated the activities of a rather large group – 350+ people – flawlessly; executed with alacrity and precision and I commend you and thank you.  For the itinerary you packed in the span of 10 days, with such a large group, I am still amazed.

God bless you and your staff and may the Almighty Adonai, Eloheinu melech ha’olam continue to bless and protect the nation of Israel and His Chosen People.

William Schlumpf