Safe Travel in the Holy Land: Thoughts on Israel

Safe Travel in the Holy Land: Thoughts on Israel
The daily grind can, with time, cause weariness of both the body and soul. Without proper rest and relaxation and it’s easy to get bogged down in day to day obligations.

Taking some time out to focus on what’s truly important is a crucial part of self-care. Trips to Israel are the perfect way to heal both physically and spiritually.

The country of Israel offers a complete experience from natural beauty and cultural outings like parks and museums as well as bible tours of the holiest sites in Israel.

But is it safe?

Safety is a concern that pops up whenever one’s travelling, no matter where you go. But in recent years, it’s becoming a more prominent concern.

While there is some conflict in the country of Israel, it is mostly confined to very specific areas, far away from the tourist spots and the religious sites.

Most guided tours provide a government licensed guide to escort you throughout your itinerary. Operators can also provide safety information on which places to avoid and what to do in case of an emergency.

If you’re visiting during the summer, the heat will be intense, so be sure to pack water and stay hydrated everywhere you go.

Where can I go, then?

If you’re trying to beat the heat and have some fun, the Tel Aviv beach is a must. It stretches over 10km along the Mediterranean and is split into 10 different beaches with its own character and crowd.

If sightseeing is more your thing, the Ein Gedi National Park features an oasis, spring, and amazing walks through greenery amid the desert as well as several archaeological ruins to explore.

Looking for a cultural experience? Israel is dotted with museums from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and all around on subjects of art, history and more to take your pick.

The way to the Holy Land

A Christian trip to Israel wouldn’t be complete without a tour of the country’s Holy sites. The country is the link to various places in the bible from both the Old and New Testaments.

From the salty Mount Sodom to the valley of Elah, where David defeated the mighty Goliath or a tour that will take you from Bethlehem and Nazareth, all the way to the end of Jesus Christ’s journey on earth at the Mount of Olives.

A guided Israel bible tour ensures that you can get the best curated trip through the history of the world and Christianity.

At Coral Tours, we specialize in Christian, Messianic and Catholic trips to Israel, providing tours designed to maximize your experience, while reducing your trip-planning load.

So let us take care of the planning, and you can enjoy your journey safe and sure that you’re getting your time’s worth.


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