See You Soon! in Jerusalem

See You Soon! in Jerusalem

Coral Travel & Tours has had the privilege of serving Pastor Rodney Finch and his congregation, Calvary Chapel Cary in Apex, North Carolina, on multiple trips to Israel.This encouragement was written by Pastor Rodney during his 2015 congregational trip to Israel. With his permission we have posted it here.

Just sitting in my room thinking over the day’s sights and activities, reflecting on what the Lord has spoken to my heart today. One thing I began to feel impressed to share with you, the importance for Christians to come to the Holy Land. God says in His Word Genesis 12: Now the Lord had said to Abram: “ I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

Despite what you may hear or have read there is a definite difference in treatment towards the Christians here. We must love and support our brothers and sisters. One way to do that is prayer, another practical way to do that is to come to the Holy Land. Coming to Israel is not “just” about you getting a blessing. It’s about you “Being a Blessing.” And then God will bless you. I’ve been here numerous times and one of the things that I’ve noticed in my own life personally is God has blessed me. Not because I deserve it, as a matter fact just the opposite. But the blessings of God come to us when we are OBEDIENT to His word. And one of the more than 7,000 promises of God in the bible is too be a blessing to His people and He will bless you.

So I want to say to you—if you want to come to Israel in 2017 you may come. God said “Ask”. Not hope, not just pray, but “Ask”. We don’t have because we don’t ask! Amen? I will be planning (Lord say the same) a trip to Israel in 2017, I’m asking you to come and support your family, your brother and sisters whom you don’t know, but God knows. And God will allow it. He’ll make a way out of NO way. He’ll cut a road in the ocean, if necessary.

If you want to come with me, I’m telling you NOW so you can begin to plan and save. The BIGGEST BLESSING YOU’LL EVER experience is right here in the Holy Land.

See you soon! In Jerusalem,

Pastor Rodney



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