Three Natural Wonders You Might Get To Visit in Israel

Three Natural Wonders You Might Get To Visit in Israel

If you’re looking for a place to travel that has it all, look no further than to the Holy Land of Israel.

From beautiful displays of nature to tons of historically significant sites, you really can’t get any more diverse when it comes to places to visit. In a way, Israel has something for everyone to enjoy, no matter their travel preferences.

With years of experience in designing biblical Israel tours, who better to convince you of such? For those looking for displays of natural wonders, here we have written this article to showcase three of Israel’s most gorgeous examples.

The Dead Sea

Probably one of Israel’s most well-known locations, the Dead Sea stands in between Israel itself and the land of Jordan. Furthermore, it’s surrounded by the equally stunning Negev Desert.

Its rather eerie name comes from the fact that the shores of this sea stand on the lowest point on the earth’s surface, making it completely uninhabitable even by sea creatures.

Nonetheless, its waters and mud are still recognized around the globe due to their healing properties. With that knowledge, many travelers take their visit as a chance for floating naturally among them.

Plus, its stunning viewsof nature presents you with a unique opportunity to glimpse themwith awe. This might also allow for some memorable photos you won’t get anywhere else!

If you’re looking for a place to relax to the fullest, you can’t go wrong with a visit to the Dead Sea. Did we also mention that many of its shores house tons of public beaches? That can’t hurt to know, either.

The Malham Salt Cave

Did you know that Israel also houses several caves adorned with salt crystals? In the form of naturally madestalactites?Did you know that Israel happens to house the world’s longest salt cave?

If you happen not to have heard of it, that’s to be expected, as this has just recently been discovered. Yes, it’s true. This is a relatively new but completely original Israel natural wonder.

Extending over six miles, this unique cave formation surprised scientists worldwide, as salt caves are usually maxed out in size when reaching a length of half a mile.

At the time of its discovery, a heavy-duty expedition took place. When asked about the experience, the researchers all agreed on something. In terms of looks, it all felt like it came from another planet.

Nowadays, this comes off as a perfect opportunity for a memorable hike among friends and family. We can’t put into words how the light of day affects the experience, but if we can still give you a recommendation of our own, we’d say you’ll like it more during the sunrise.

Wildflowers in the Desert

It goes without saying, but there are a ton of deserts in Israel. The thing is, they’re not like your regular deserts. Instead, they’re widely known because something’s always blooming there. This can be seen more in the Negev and Judean Deserts than in any other.

When visiting these lands, you’ll even doubt whether you’re in a desert since everything you’ll be able to see will be surrounded by green pastures and red anemones. Several tour guides have described the experience as literal proof that “joy is coming out of the earth.”

For those interested in finding a sight to behold, this is your best shot. Plus, it might serve for some unique pictures.

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