Top Tips for Catholic Trips to Israel

Top Tips for Catholic Trips to Israel

Every year thousands of believers around the world plan spiritual trips to the Holy Land of Israel. Exploring places like Jaffa, Caesarea, Mt. Carmel, the Via Dolorosa, Gethsemane and Church of the Holy Sepulcher among others, is an incredibly experience for followers of Jesus.

At Coral Travel & Tours we understand the great importance of spiritual trips to Israel for believers. That is why we have prepared some tips that any would-be visitor to the Holy Land should consider when planning a visit, be it short or long.

We recommend that you read these tips with an open mind to discover the local lifestyle and traditions that will make you thoroughly enjoy your next Catholic Tour to the Holy Land.

1. Cultural Context
As your surely aware, Israel is home to the three major religions in the world. Different cultures, traditions and customs exist all in the same place.

Travelling with an open mind will enrich your spiritual journey. Anticipate that your trip will be between 8to 10days, since the Holy Land of Israel offers much to explore.

2. Prepare yourself with clothing appropriate to the climate of region
The winter season beginning in December can bring lots of rain. And begins to taper off in mid to late February. Be sure to pack an umbrella and rain slicker. The month of March brings more temperate weather with wildflowers beginning to bloom.

From April through October Israel warms up. If you’ve been to Southern California the weather is similar during this season. You’ll want to plan to dress light for warmer days.

As for the clothing, there is a vast wealth of cultures and traditions in Israel, and some areas have dress codes that are a little more conservative than other places, mostly religious sites. Try to prepare for dressing in layers, comfortable shoes, pants and cotton t-shirts. Avoid shorts that are too short, sandals and tank tops.

3. Documentation and airport security
Citizens of most western countries, such as Canada and the United States, do not need a visa to enter Israel as tourists. However, we recommend that you check in advance your country’s status with the Israeli embassy to make any corresponding procedures on time.

Residents of all countries must present their passport with a maximum validity of up to 6 months after your date of arrival.

Security checks at airports in Israel are more robust than in other countries. We recommend that you be patient, as these security checks are what make Israel one of the safest countries in the world.

4. How can I plan a memorable trip to the most important biblical sites and the Holy Lands of Israel?
Although you can certainly plan your journey to the Holy Land yourself, you will have to go through the extensive process of finding hotels, transportation, among other specifics.

This is usually a very time-consuming process and perhaps a bit more expensive than if you plan your trip with a tour company specializing in Catholic Holy Land Tours to Israel.

At Coral Travel & Tours, our friendly tour guides will be able to work closely with you to plan the best tour of the Holy Land of Israel, ideal for a solo trip, church trip or a family and friend group.

With more than 20 years of experience in the Israel travel market, our experts will create the best itinerary for your Catholic Holy Land Trip, making sure that it suits all of your group’s travel needs.

Do not hesitate to call us toll-free at 866.267.2511 for your free, no-obligation Israel Tour group quote.


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