Visiting Israel: Tourism and Worship

Visiting Israel: Tourism and Worship

Visiting Israel is not just for its churches, monuments, and landmarks. It’s about the magnificence of the Bible, bringing the written word to life.

You get to experience those significant moments in Jesus’s life. Like his baptism in the Jordan River, finding him in the Temple, turning water into wine, and many other divine moments.

Here are some wonderful landmarks you can visit in the Holy Land and feel closer to Jesus and worship him the way he deserves.

Imagine How He Lived

One way to get a closer look at how Jesus used to live is to visit Nazareth Village. Nazareth Village is an authentic first-century farm and a re-creation of the hometown of Jesus. Bible scenes are brought to life by “villagers” who live and work on the farm. Their presentation is historically accurate with the type of clothing, pottery, and tools used during the First Century when Jesus was alive.

God has given us the power of imagination. Using this ability we can travel back in time and have a connection with those who lived before us.

Imagine Jesus living with his family, meeting with his disciples, fulfilling God’s wishes, working miracles, and working his way to save us from sin. And imagine reliving and experiencing the same moments that Jesus lived.

Another way to experience, and get a feeling of how he felt, is by visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is the place of Jesus’s crucifixion, burial, and resurrection.

Once you are there, take out your Bible and read aloud the passage of the passion and resurrection of Christ in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

This way, you will understand how Jesus felt in that moment and imagine the scenario in your head, making it as if you were in that moment with him.

Praying and reading the Scripture exactly where it happened evokes an impulse to worship.

It Takes More Than Just Being There

You are standing in the heart of the Holy City, where Jesus shared many moments with his disciples. You are surrounded by breath-taking natural beauty, but that’s not enough for you to completely involve yourself with your surroundings.

Stimulate your senses and experience the local food and interact with the restaurants near you. Feel those moments and experience them by detaching yourself from your electronic devices and enjoying the sand, seas, and everything that Israel offers. Smell the salty air by pausing and taking a deep, lungful air in the places you visit. Hear the city by finding an ancient nook somewhere in the narrow streets, closing your eyes, and listening.

Turn Tourism into Worship

Israel is a remarkable place to visit. Standing where the Bible took place is an experience unlike any other.

By reading the Bible, engaging your senses, and employing imagination, travellers to Israel can turn their tourism into worship.

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