Best Reasons to Go on Christian Israel Tour for Family Vacation

Best Reasons to Go on Christian Israel Tour for Family Vacation

A visit to the Holy Land is probably one of the greatest holiday dreams for many Christian believers. Trips to Israel, for Christians are so much more than a dream vacation—they are spiritual experiences that don’t only enhance their biblical knowledge, but more importantly, transform and deepen their faith. If you are contemplating Christian trips to Israel, here are even more reasons why you should absolutely consider going:

  • Israel will change you in many ways – The best Christian tours of Israel are life-changing. In fact, many people take the opportunity as a great learning experience—one that fuels interest about the country and its long, rich history. Christian trips to Israel are also a great opportunity to see the Bible come alive in the various archaeological finds being kept and preserved in the country as well as the remains of Biblical cities that thrived during the time of Christ. Your trip is a great way to teach your children and let them experience the truth of the Bible through Israel’s numerous historical sites.
  • Spiritual pilgrimage – Trips to Israel, for Christians are also a chance to go on a spiritual pilgrimage, where they can encounter God in a unique and special way. There is something about walking the land where Christ walked and seeing the sights he once saw. These kinds of experiences are often great precursors to special encounters with and a deeper understanding of the God of the Bible. Tours like these are also a great vehicle for teaching children, young as they are about the faith that your family has as well as the many incredible ways that the Lord fulfills his promises to his people.
  • Israel is a modern miracle – Israel’s existence is in itself a modern miracle, considering how it rose out of the ashes of Holocaust. In as little as 65 years, the country is proving itself prosperous and thriving, even leading the world when it comes to fields like technology and innovation, medicine, science, agriculture, security, as well as water conservation. The best Christian tours of Israel are great windows to this modern miracle of a country.


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