How to Choose the Best Locations for Christian Israel Tours

How to Choose the Best Locations for Christian Israel Tours

Every year, millions of Christians from different parts of the world take trips to Israel in the hope of paying homage to this sacred land on which Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus and his apostles walked and lived. As you might expect, Israel has an abundance of locations and sites that would be considered holy by Christians. These sites are so numerous that it is unlikely you are ever going to be able to visit them all on a single Christian pilgrimage to Israel. Fortunately, you do not have to cover them all and by asking the questions below you should be able to identify the locations that would guarantee you the best Christian tours of Israel.

Are you a repeat or first-time visitor?

If you are visiting Israel for the first time in your life then you will find everything to be new and novel. All the Christian destinations in the country are guaranteed to impress you so there is no need to sweat it. In fact, it might be better for you to simply rely on the judgment of your tour operator and go to the places they suggest in the itinerary. But, if you are returning to the country after a previous visit then you can start by striking out the places that you already visited on your earlier trip and leaving only places that you have never visited before.

Who are the people in your group?

When choosing sites, you’ll want to consider the demographics of the people in your group. For instance, if you have children and elderly people travelling with your group, you might want to eliminate destinations that require a great deal of walking and climbing. Be sure to ask your tour agency about any mobility concerns you have and they will be able to advise you what is suitable for all members of the group.


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