Which Are The Best Places To Visit During Israel Christian Tours?

Which Are The Best Places To Visit During Israel Christian Tours?

For Christians all around the world, Israel holds a special place because it is where Jesus, the Messiah, lived, taught and ministered. It is where the early Church began. It offers solid proof of the events in the bible and a chance to visit the country is a chance to strengthen their faith by reliving the events from the bible where they occurred. Millions of Christians from all over the world embark on bible land tours every year. This is because practically every path, stream, mountain or lake has some spiritual significance in addition to all the places of worship. Since there is no way you could ever possibly visit all these places, how do you decide which ones to visit?

Deciding which places to visit on Israel bible tours  begin by understanding the true purpose of your visit. If you are a devout Christian and you desire to develop a deeper and closer connection with your Maker, there are many sites to visit where you can enjoy a bit more privacy, where you can pray and connect with God. Some of these include the Garden of Gethsemane, the Garden Tomb, the Mount of Beatitudes, the Southern Steps and the Sea of Galilee. If archaeology is something that interests you, you’ll want to check out the City of David ruins, Beit She’an Archaeological Park, perhaps the Temple Mount Sifting project or take a tour of the rabbinical tunnels underneath the Western Wall. The bible says Jesus went about teaching and preaching throughout the Galilee. It’s likely that many of the synagogues in use during the first century were visited by the Messiah. So, as you can see, Israel is loaded with amazing sites and you may have a difficult time choosing which ones to live off your itinerary!


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