10 Things to Know Before Visiting Israel Christian Tours

10 Things to Know Before Visiting Israel Christian Tours

Israel will surprise you in many ways. When planning Christian trips to Israel, it pays knowing what to expect so you can have a more meaningful time during your pilgrimage and be prepared for the journey ahead. The best Christian tours of Israel will help you get to know the Holy Land and inspire you to discover more. Here are some things you should know when planning trips to Israel for Christians:

  • One of the first things you should think about when going on Christian trips to Israel is where to stay as base for your tour. Even when you are on a tight budget or have a good amount to spare, you’ll find plenty of options to put a roof over your head, from comfy and laid-back B&Bs to 5-star resorts, if you want a luxurious experience.
  • For unadulterated trips to Israel for Christians, you can choose tours that are concentrated within Jerusalem or turn to travel agencies that specialize in biblical sightseeing tours.
  • It also pays knowing what to expect during Jewish Sabbath, which begins on sundown every Friday and ends the evening of Saturday. Most shops along with public transport services are not available during these times as people observe the Sabbath.
  • Learn some basic phrases to help you in conversing with the locals. While many Israeli’s speak English it is always nice to hear someone abroad has taken the time to learn a few words of Hebrew.
  • Walking trails are quite popular around the country. In fact, the best Christian tours of Israel include walking trails through some pretty interesting locations.
  • If it’s the beaches you are after, you have plenty of options along and around the Red, Mediterranean, and Dead Sea, all of which have great beach side and water-based activities on offer.
  • Eco tours are also worth exploring, especially with Israel’s vast, scenic deserts like the Negev.
  • Along the coast and only an hour from Jerusalem is Tel Aviv, which offers the best Mediterranean sunsets, beach parties, and hipster culture.
  • You’ll experience varied changes in climate and terrain all throughout Israel. Therefore, it is important to pack essentials like sunscreen, an umbrella and other products that will help protect you from sudden temperature and climate changes.
  • Finally, don’t forget to indulge in the country’s lavish, albeit quite unfamiliar cuisine. There are plenty of tasty options you will find in every corner of the country, from the popular Shakshooka to rather unusual offerings like Café Afuch (upside down coffee), and incredible desserts like Bakalava, Malabi, and Knafe.


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